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5 shocking reasons why some people hate SuperM

From their nickname to the high expectations of K-pop fans, SuperM members received hate for reasons that will blow your mind! Despite its star-studded line-up, SuperM has a surprising amount of haters. Why? Read more below, to find out! 

  • SuperM was formed by SM Entertainment in 2019.
  • The group consists of Taemin from SHINee, Mark and Taeyong from NCT 127, Kai and Baekhyn from EXO, and Ten and Lucas from WayV.
  • From the actions of their company and the high expectations of fans, everything has been criticized by those who hate the band!
SuperM photo with fans at accesso ShoWare Center show in Kent, Washington

1) For not paying 100% of their attention to the group

 Since SuperM consists of members already in popular and highly active groups, fans worry that with SuperM activities added on top of everything that their idols will be overwhelmed.

2) Because of their nickname

“The Avengers of K-Pop”. This nickname has also led to an awesome collab with Marvel! SuperM X Marvel special package comic type + digital album

The Nickname- SuperM has been fashioned the nickname “The Avengers of K-Pop” and while to some it sounds cool, others feel that it is cringy. However, this nickname has also led to an awesome collab with Marvel!

3) SuperM fans expect a lot more

Since the group consists of well-respected and highly regarded K-POP artists, people have exceedingly high expectations. The avenger’s nickname fuels this even more. Although their songs like ‘Jopping’ have been amazing, listeners have extremely high expectations which lead to more criticism.

4) Fans worried about the idols' activities before their military enlistment

Baekhyun's military photo released by the Korea Army Training Center in May

Fans wanted EXO’s Baekhyun and Kai to focus on their solo activities instead of forming another group and touring the US. Fans especially worried due to their upcoming military service.

5) Belief that their management company, SM Entertainment, cheated

Fans believe that they have created their way to the top of the charts. All members already have a highly impressive track record of success. In addition, also criticize SM Entertainment’s tactic of “bundling” in which fans would get digital copies of an album if they purchased merchandise from SM Entertainment’s official store. Furthermore, fans would also get digital copies of the album if they purchased tickets to SuperM’s arena tour in the US. While bundling is common in the US, fans still question SuperM topping the billboard charts when this method was used.

Despite the hate, SuperM has proven to be successful as they are the first K-POP group to chart at No.1 on Billboard with their debut.

Check out SuperM's newest, jaw-dropping music video here!

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