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5 shocking reasons why some people hate NCT 127

From the scandals involving the face of the group to rivalry with other fandoms, NCT 127 has received hate for reasons that will blow your mind! Wondering how this is possible? Keep reading below to find out more!

  • NCT is a group that has multiple sub-units, NCT 127 being one of them.
  • They debuted in 2016 with their song "Firetruck" and while originally having 7, the group now has 10 members.
  • The group has faced backlash since its debut and still deals with hate. Including their style and sound, everything about NCT 127 has been criticized! 

1) Because of scandals involving the leader of the group, Taeyong

Taeyong in teaser photo for 'Kick It' music video

Due to bullying rumors, Taeyong gets a lot of criticism. Despite apologizing and many of the scandals involving him being untrue, he has a lot of anti-fans. Being the center of NCT 127, he also gets a lot of hate in a way similar to the hate Jennie from BLACKPINK receives. There are some fans that dislike that he has so much screen time and so many lines. They want the other members to have more lines/screen time so that they have more of an opportunity to shine. 

2) For being unique

NCT 127 sporting a unique look in a promotional picture for their first music video, "Fire Truck"

It is no secret that NCT as a group is revolutionary. In fact, NCT stands for Neo-Culture Technology. This of course means that their music and style are unique in a way that can sometimes not be for everyone. Though they are amazing songs, this can be seen with NCT 127 songs like  “Simon says” and “Fire Truck”. While I loved “Fire Truck” when it first came out( *sings subangcha, subangcha*), it took some time for me to warm up to “Simon says”(but now I love it!). In addition, the way they dressed was criticized since they first debuted. What do you think about the sound and fashion sense of NCT 127? 

3) Due to their rivalry with other K-Pop fandoms 

Most K-Pop fans are aware of how intense fan wars can get, and at the moment there is a battle between ARMYs(BTS fans) and NCTzens(NCT fans). Due to both NCT’s and BTS’ huge current success both domestically and internationally(both even appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden and ABC News), there is friction between fans. However, despite these fan wars, there are still plenty of ARMYs who support NCT and their fandom and vice-versa.                                                                                      

4) For being managed by SM Entertainment 

NCT 127 Taeyong and Mark with the founder of SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man, at a press conference in Los Angeles

The rivalry between fans of different K-Pop companies is also nothing new. When it comes to big entertainment companies like JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and SM Entertainment, there is the wrongful assumption that they do not work hard to get the kind of success that they have. 

For having new members added to the group- NCT 127 originally debuted with Taeyong, Jaehyun, Haechan, Taeil, Winwin, Mark, and Yuta. However, Doyoung and Johnny were added to the unit. Then, Jungwoo was added to the group. For fans, the multiple NCT units alone can get confusing. Adding new members can also lead to favoritism for other members and dislike for the newer ones. However, plenty of NCTzens support all members of NCT 127.                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Despite these reasons, NCT 127 as a group still gets a lot of love. Their popularity continues to soar and fans highly anticipate their comebacks whether they are casual K-Pop fans or NCTzens! I highly suggest checking out their latest collaboration with Amoeba Culture, 'Save', you won't regret it!

Watch NCT 127 X Amoeba Culture 'Save' music video here!

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