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5 shocking reasons why some people hate BTS

From their name, RM’s rap, members’ feminine looks and similarities to BIG BANG, BTS members have received hate for reasons that will surprise you! Wondering how is it possible? Watch the video below!

  • BTS debuted in 2013 with their hit single ‘No More Dream’.
  • From their looks to their music, everything has been criticized by the haters of the band!
  • We listed 5 reasons to hate BTS, that we definitely not support! We want to spread love and positivity in this world!
  • Check out the 3 most hated K-Pop singers here! 

1) Naming the band ‘Bangtansonyeondan’ 


When the band’s name was first revealed, the haters of the band laughed at it. They thought that with a name like that, they wouldn't last in the industry. The name, which translates to ‘the bulletproof scouts will protect the teens from the bullets of prejudice and pressure’ was very different from the other K-pop groups named at the time such as EXO and NU’EST. We wonder how those haters are doing now that BTS has become the biggest boy band in the world?

2) Similarities to the K-pop band 'BIG BANG'


We spoke with one of the haters in Korea, who wishes to remain anonymous and said:

BTS are trying too hard to be like BIG BANG.

Anyone who has listened to the two bands can tell they look and sound very different to each other!

3) BTS’ music and RM’s rap! 


BTS has the most versatile music in the history of K-pop. Still, some haters think RM can't rap and the music sounds all the same. These reasons have no fundamentals at all.  We think when you’re jealous of someone, you can’t help but hate them no matter how good they are. 

4) For being too girlish


Asian societies glorify masculinity. For them, the soft features of BTS members paired up with their make-up might be seen as 'girly'. We live in 2021 people, grow up!

5)  Just a trend

BTS accepting award at BBMAs

Haters believed that BTS will never last. We wonder if they are doing okay knowing the members have been with each other for over a decade, received a Grammy nomination, topped Billboard charts, and made South Korea famous worldwide!


We find it hilarious how every hate comment made about BTS was proven wrong. Insted of hate, people should promote love! Way to go Bangtansonyeondan! Leave your love comments below!



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