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5 shocking reasons why some fans hate Jisoo from Blackpink!

You’ll never believe why people dislike Jisoo from ‘Blackpink’! There are negative comments even about her age and weight! Check out the list of more shocking reasons below!

  • Jisoo was born on January 3rd, 1995 in South Korea.
  • The gorgeous singer has a net worth of $8 million.
  • She thinks hate comments are fun to read but pays no attention to them (luckily).

1. For being the oldest member

Jisoo HYLT teaser

When Jisoo debuted in 2016, one of the major concerns was her age! Korean fans wished she started early. They called her ‘mom of the group’ who was only there to take care of the others. 

Do you think it’s fair to treat a 21-year-old like that?

2. For being chubby

Jisoo at a music show

The lead vocalist revealed she loves eating fried chicken on a show called ‘Weekly Idol’ in 2017. Afterwards, Blackpink fans started commenting on Jisoo’s weight gain. They talked about her chubby cheeks and said her thighs were too big.

3. For being sick during Blackpink’s World Tour 

Jisoo for Elle Korea

During Blackpink’s ‘In Your Area’ 2019 world tour, Jisoo was severely ill. After the group’s iconic Coachella performance, the star had to rest for a few days. Haters called her ‘lame’ and ‘weak’. Her own fan base turned against her! How sad is that?

4. For making jokes

Jisoo backstage at a concert

The singer has a great sense of humor and is the leader during TV interviews. Korean netizens bashed her for being ‘too lively’ and accused her of taking the spotlight away from others on the show'Running Man'. Do you agree with them?

5. For saying the ‘Solo dance’ of Jennie was easy

Jisoo for a photoshoot

‘The dance for ‘Solo’ is easier compared to the one for ‘On The Ground’

On a livestream with Lisa, the singer made a harmless comparison of two dance routines. After this statement, Jennie’s fans started attacking Jisoo with negative comments about her dance skills. They twisted her opinion and behaved as if the star slandered Jennie’s choreography. Click here to see the dance! 

I believe her comment had no bad intention! Do you feel the same way?


Jisoo at Music Core show

Jisoo has always been the target of the most random hate comments! Thanks to her confidence level, she revealed that hate comments don't bother her. She likes reading them for fun and laughs at them! This is because K-Pop stars are mentally prepared by psychologists for these situations.

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