TXT in teaser image for 'The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape'

5 reasons why fans are going crazy over TXT's new 'LOSER=LOVER' music video!

Since before their debut, K-Pop listeners around the world have highly anticipated what BTS' labelmate TXT would release. This has created a mountain of expectations but, from their debut song to their newest song, the members of TXT have proven and made a name for themselves. TXT's newest song, 'LOSER=LOVER', is a masterpiece that has fans going crazy! Keep reading to find out more about this comeback!

  • TXT stands for Tomorrow X Together.
  • The group debuted under Big Hit Entertainment (now known as HYBE) in 2019 and has five members, Soobin, Yeonjun, Bemgyu, Taehyun, and HueningKai.
  • 'LOSER=LOVER' is their newest title track for their album 'The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape'. It is an impressive pop-rock song that has fans losing their minds. Find out why fans are going crazy over this track by reading below!

1) Because it has a different sound from their previous tracks

TXT is a group that is not afraid to experiment with different genres and styles. While there is still an underlying pop sound, the song also incorporates rock. It is truly unique.

2) For the members' style

TXT wearing punk-rock outfits in their 'LOSER=LOVER' music video

 The members are dressed like rockstars and fans love the look! 

3) Fans love the lyrics/meaning of the song

 HueningKai has stated that "LO$ER=LOER" is about "fighting against the world when you face something unexpected and baffling". It is about "fighting to running away from the harsh reality". Their label HYBE said that 'LO$ER=LOVER' is about a boy who "may have failed in the eyes of the world", but "wants ‘you’ [to]awaken his courage to take his fate into his own hands". "He must now make a choice: to FIGHT or to ESCAPE together with you". It is a beautiful story about being a loser in the eyes of the world but moving forward for the one you love. Fans are not only there for TXT's sound but also the deep meaning found in their lyrics.

4) Because of the members' acting skills

 In addition to the song having an amazing sound and the lyrics being relatable and heartfelt, the members also do a good job at acting out the pain, even crying to show their frustration. It is not just a song, it is a story as well and the fans love that.

5) Because all the members wrote parts for the song

It is truly amazing to see the role TXT played with regard to this comeback. Not only did they do an incredible job acting in this music video, but they also wrote lyrics for the song. Fans love that TXT played such an active role!


'LOSER=LOVER' is truly an amazing song. Though it was just released, I know that it will be a long time before I stop listening to it! In 11 hours, it has attained 5.3M views and number 4 on trending on YouTube!

Listen to TXT's 'LOSER=LOVER' here!

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