Taeyong for a photoshoot Taeyong for a photoshoot

5 reasons why Taeyong makes the best leader in NCT

CEO, friend, brother. Taeyong does it all!  The K-Pop star makes sure his 23 group members are his biggest priority. Sounds tough, doesn't it? Check out 5 reasons why is he the best leader!

  • Lee Taeyong was born on July 1st, 1995.
  • The multi-talented idol can sing, rap, dance, and write songs!
  • Thanks to his great popularity, the star has an impressive net worth of $2.5 million. 

1. The fundamental rock in the team!

Taeyong Superm Teaser

According to his group member Mark Lee, Taeyong is a member everyone looks up to. The rapper described his friend as a trustworthy leader and a pillar that he can rely on. All 23 members of ‘NCT’ agree that there is no one as good as him. Do you agree?

2. Helps the members with dancing

Taeyong for a photoshoot

Taeyong is the main rapper and dancer of ‘NCT 127’. He uses his great talent to help his bandmates improve their stage presence. In an interview with ‘Dispatch’, the star revealed that he helped band member Taeil with the choreography for ‘Limitless’.  

3. Taeyong gives scholarships to students

Taeyong for Dispatch

Ever since his debut in 2017, the dancer funds 4 student scholarships every month! He did this to help out people who needed financial help. The students wrote letters to thank him personally after graduating. What a kind soul!

4. He gives great advice to fans!

Taeyong for NCT comeback

‘It’s ok to be bad at things, it’s ok to fail’

No matter how tiring his day is, Taeyong always makes time for his fans! The star does live streams on 'VLIVE' frequently where he enjoys the company of his fans and talks about music. He gives great advice to those who are going through a rough patch. Wow, how nice of him!

5. He wants NCT to go on forever

Taeyong for Punch music video

‘I want us to be together, even when we are in nursing homes’

Taeyong revealed his biggest wish is to be around his group mates even when they grow old. His loving confession made his best friend Doyoung tear up! Read more about it here. Aww, what a sweet moment! 


Taeyong for Long Flight

It’s not easy managing 23 boys in one group, but it’s cool how Taeyong does it so well. He really deserves all the praise, don’t you think? From training long hours, helping his group mates, talking to fans, and performing he never complains. His kind and generous personality is the reason why so many fans love him!

Do you think he is the best leader? Comment below!

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