Jisoo for Ice Cream MV Jisoo for Ice Cream MV

5 reasons why Jisoo makes the best leader in Blackpink!

Blackpink doesn't have an official leader like other K-Pop groups! However, Jisoo would be a great fit. She has great leadership qualities and always takes care of her band members. Check out the five reasons below! 

  • Jisoo is the oldest member of Blackpink as she was born on January 3rd 1995.
  • In 2020, ‘MTV News’ acknowledged her for being the ‘best leader’ in the group.
  • During public events, she is the main representative of the group with the media.

1. She is the backbone of Blackpink

Jisoo for Seasons Greetings

When it comes to music, Jisoo is the backbone of Blackpink’s music! Her deep voice gives their songs a powerful feel. The singer harmonizes in an excellent manner that solidifies her voice as one of the best in K-Pop. 

Click here to listen to her beautiful vocal tone!

2. The most organized

Jisoo for Dior

‘Jisoo is the one who leads us,’- Lisa (Elle Korea, 2019)

Keeping track of activities can be exhausting, but she does it for everyone! The star knows the schedule of all the members and is always the first one to cheer for them. She makes sure everyone is awake in the morning and ready on time. Wow, she’s so responsible!

3. Makes sacrifices for the rest

Jisoo for Harpers Bazaar

In 2018 when Jennie released ‘Solo’, Jisoo was there to support her! The eldest member woke up at dawn and went to cheer for her at music shows at 6am. I really love how loving and care she is. She also helped Jennie give out gifts to other idol groups performing. Isn't she the sweetest girl?

4. Comforts the members when they cry

Jisoo for Elle Korea

 During Blackpink’s last concert in Sydney, everyone except Jisoo cried! The girls were said that their exciting world tour was coming to an end. The eldest singer walked from one member to another and wiped their tears. Watch the adorable video here.

5. Takes care of the fans

Jisoo for Lovesick Girls

At the start of every month, the star uploads a heartfelt message for her fans on ‘VLIVE’. Jisoo thanks her fans for their support and reminds them to take care of their health. I’m sure fans admire how loving she is.

She also tells fans to eat three meals a day, isn't she so sweet?


Jisoo for Ice Cream MV

Being a leader of a K-Pop group is an extremely tough position. It puts an idol directly in the spotlight and makes them the representative of the entire group. If the leader succeeds, the group is praised. I feel like Jisoo would be an excellent leader for Blackpink since she is widely loved and respected. 

Which member of Blackpink do you think should be the leader? Comment below!

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