Kim Jennie receive backlash for absurd reasons Kim Jennie receive backlash for absurd reasons

5 reasons why Jennie is the most hated member of Blackpink

It's not easy to be in the public eye because you are surveilled, 24/7. K-pop industry gives massive exposure to the K-pop idols. In return, they are showered with exceptional love and following, but there are people under the same sky who can be ruthless and unforgiving. Kim Jennie, professionally known as Jennie, has been through something similar. Scroll down to read how she has been a target of critics for some very unworthy reasons!

  • Jennie is the lead vocalist, rapper and dancer who faced the most backlash in Blackpink.
  • She came up with her first solo debut in November 2018. The song named 'SOLO' broke the record and reached 100 million views in just 23 days! That's big for a debut artist.

1. Lazy performer

Kim Jennies posing for a picture

People labeled Jennie as a ‘lazy dancer’ when a video showing comparison of her previous and current performance on the same song surfaced on the web. Fans were shocked and hurt on the portrayal of out of sync moves.

However, Blackpink vocalist was quick to apologize to netizens without explaining the reason behind her halfhearted performance. Read the full story hereIt was later revealed by a web post that Kim had an ankle injury which made performing difficult for her.

 2. Dating history 

Jennie and Kai captured together while they were in a relationship

 The talented rapper received backlash for dating the members of other K-pop bands. Jennie is the only member of Blackpink to have a relationship while being in the band. She reportedly dated Kai (EXO) from October 2018 till January 2019.

Jennie and Kai captured together while they were in a relationship

It was revealed by a media house that the band’s lead vocalist and Big Bang’s G-Dragon were in relationship for almost one year. Read more about their relationship here. Although K-pop fandom loves to ship their favorite idols in the video edits, fictional stories etc. However, they take offense when artists themselves decide to have a romantic relationship. Well, I only share such a relationship with cookies!

3. Change in attitude

Kim Jennie smiles for a photo

 After the star’s solo debut in 2018, netizens suspected a change in her attitude on stage. This carelessness during the group performance was associated with her hit solo debut, according to the Twitter family. Jennie landed herself in a pool of hateful comments on different social media platforms.

 4. Controversial outfit

Kim Jennies faces backlash on her music costume

 Jennie received serious backlash for being dressed as a nurse in a music video. Blackpink’s music video Lovesick Girls having Kim Jennie shown as a nurse hurt the medical staff's sentiments. The Health and Medical Workers of Korea referred to the costume as an 'uncomfortable depiction' of the profession. However, in a thoughtful decision by YG Entertainment addressing the issue, they made an announcement about the removal of Kim’s controversial scenes. 

5. Solo debut

cover for Jennie's debut song SOLO Source: sponsored Redbubble

Jennie was blamed for bagging a solo debut before any other member of the Blackpink band. Fans were not so happy with this unfair and biased treatment by YG entertainment group, hence named Kim as “YG’s Princess”.

The 25-year year old still manages to be strong despite receiving hate for some valid, but mostly invalid reasons. She has been, making her band proud, regardless of what people say about her. The love from Kim's fans out number the haters!

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