The 5 most loved hairstyles of Jungkook from BTS!

The 5 most loved hairstyles of Jungkook from BTS!

Jungkook’s hair has always been a trending topic. He is known to experiment with various hairstyles and hair colors. From growing his hair long to dyeing it blue, Jungkook has done it all! Curious to see some of his best hairstyles? Check them out below!  

  • The 23-year-old is the lead vocalist of the K-pop group, BTS.
  • According to Google Trends, he is the second most searched Korean celebrity in 2020.
  • With his tall height of 5'10'', he is the perfect brand ambassador for Fila.
  • People’s Magazine gave him the title of the most Good-looking International Man Alive 2020.

1) Long, wet curly hair

Jungkook from the 29th Lotte Duty Free Family Concert 2019

Literally, nobody, and we mean nobody looks as good as Jungkook does with long hair! I still remember when stan twitter collectively lost it at the sight of this Jungkook. The same Jungkook also went down in the history books and will never be forgotten

2) Bowl cut with middle-parted fringes 

Jungkook from BTS' album MOTS:7's concept photoshoot

He looks absolutely adorable in this hairstyle! This cut suits him a lot and gives him a youthful look.

3) Wavy, side-parted hair 

Jungkook from his Weverse Magazine interview and photoshoot in 2020

Are you seeing that undercut? He looks so good here. This is one of our favorite hairstyles on Jungkook! 

4) Slicked back hair

Jungkook from the Melon Music Awards 2020

If looks could kill, we’d be dead by now. We love this kind of hairstyle on Jungkook! It’s different from his usual hairstyles but in a good way. Not to mention that he has a nice forehead. 

5) Ponytail

Jungkook from the Esquire Magazine's photoshoot 2020

Want to know a secret? Jungkook in a ponytail is our weakness. Seeing him in this hairstyle was like love at first sight. I mean, he literally owns it!. We know Jungkook can never look bad in any hairstyle, because like he said once: ‘I’m JK’. 

If it isn’t obvious by now, Jungkook can pull off every kind of hairstyle there is. Want to see more of his iconic hairstyles? Click on the video below! 

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