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5 fun facts about the K-pop band TOMORROW X TOGETHER

Did you know that Huening Kai was the first foreign K-pop idol to debut under HYBE LABELS? The adorable and bubbly members of TOMORROW X TOGETHER have a number of fun facts that people don't know about. Scroll down to find more about your favorite fourth-generation K-pop band!

  • The fandom name of TXT used to be 'Young One' but it was changed by their company due to its similarity with Tiffany's fan club name, 'Young Ones'.
  • TXT fans are now called 'MOA' which stands for 'Moments of Alwaysness'
  • Yeonjun, the group's oldest member, attended his elementary school in the USA for two years.  

1) Soobin's superpower

Soobin in Freeze concept photo

The group's leader, Soobin has super elastic facial and neck skin. Surprisingly enough, his neck skin can stretch up to 6 cm. Wow, isn't that amazing?

2) Huening Kai is a native surfer

Huening Kai, all smiles

The youngest member of the band was born in Hawaii on August 14, 2002. Not only that he is a foreigner, but he can also speak multiple languages including, Mandarin, Korean and English. He is truly the talented fairy of TOMORROW X TOGETHER.

3) Yeonjun's past with BTS

Yeonjun slaying in blonde hair on stage

Yeonjun was trained under HYBE (former Big Hit Entertainment) for five years, from 2014, before debuting in 2019. For the audition at the company, he performed on BTS' song, 'Boy In Luv'. Also, he has made an appearance in BTS V's 2018 release 'Singularity' as a backup dancer. He has spent the longest time with his senior band, BTS.

4) Taehyun's perfect nose

Taehyun in Freeze concept photo

Taehyun's sharp features make his visuals stand out the most. Once his bandmates measured his nose angle and to everyone's surprise, his nose angle is 60 degrees. Woah, his visuals are no joke!

5) Beomgyu's education

Beomgyu's in orange sweater

The 20 years old member of the band is a student at Hanlim Multi-Arts School. Some famous idols such as Produce 101's Euiwoong and Hyungseob are also his schoolmates.

TXT posing for their concept photo, 'The Chaos chapter: Freeze'

Beomgyu's passion for arts makes him a brilliant student at school.

Which TXT fact did you find the most surprising? Let us know in the comments below!


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