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5 facts of Lay Zhang that every EXO fan should know

Did you know Lay Zhang, from EXO,  loves to read all the letters his fans write to him? He loves that engagement, and he even goes live on Instagram to dedicate time to them. Scroll down and find more about the young celebrity!

  • Lay was a famous singer in China before joining EXO.
  • He has more than one wax figure at Madame Tussauds. Very few celebrities have more than one statue.
  • The singer was the first Chinese artist to enter the iTunes Top 60.

1) Owns a charity foundation

Lay Zhang at one of his charity drives

The 29-year-old singer has established his own charity organization to help poor people. His organization is called ‘Zhang Yixing Arts Scholarship.’ it helps poor children with their school fees. He pays $14600 annually to that fund! 

2) Learned to drive with Jackie Chan

Lay and Jackie Chan rehearsing for 'KUNG FU YOGA'

Do you remember who taught you driving? Lay was taught by Kung-Fu champion  and actor Jackie Chan himself. He taught the young musician during the filming of their movie ‘Kung Fu Yoga.’ 

3) He wrote a book

Cover of 'Standing at 24'

The vocalist wrote his first book in 2015, called ‘Standing Firm at 24.’ The book was his autobiography and became one of the bestsellers in Asia.

4) Covered for Jonghyun at a SHINee concert 

Lay performing at Jonghyun's place

Even before Lay made his debut in K-POP, he was a part of the SHINee concert. In 2010, Jonghyun injured his foot during the rehearsals. He was not able to dance in the performance. Lay rehearsed his steps and performed  for him at the concert. Isn’t he the cutest best friend one can ever ask for?

5) Afraid of animals that have a beak

Lay is scared of beaks

We all have fears of different animals. The artist has Ornithophobia. This means that he is scared of animals that have a beak, like ducks, and birds. Which animal are you scared of most?

Lay Zhang is the cutest member in the EXO band. We definitely love him for his cute habits. Which EXO member is your favorite? Scroll down and read more about other K-POP musicians.

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