BTS member Suga rapping live BTS member Suga rapping live

5 fun facts about BTS Suga

The 28-year-old is one of the quietest and shyest members of the band. This is why he remains a mystery even after becoming a global superstar. We are sure you will be surprised with the following facts! If you want to know more about the personal life of the K-Pop idol, keep reading below!  

  • Min Yoongi, known by the stage name Suga, is the lead rapper of the boy band BTS. 
  • Suga, born March 9, 1993, has a net worth of  around $25million. 
  • He is a strong advocate of mental health and equality for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • The K-pop star owns a US$3 million luxury apartment in South Korea! 

1) He used to be the tallest kid in his middle school

SUGA Performing on Stage, Source : Twitter

 Suga used to be extremely tall, but now he is one of the shortest members in BTS. He is 5’9. For fans like me, his height is a perfect fit for his personality!

2) His stage name has a deep meaning

Suga performing on stage

 His stage name comes from his position while playing basketball, shooting guard. We love seeing how his passion for basketball has carried to music!

3) Before joining BTS he was known as 'Gloss'

Suga in blue hair

Before joining BTS, SUGA was a well-known underground rapper called 'Gloss'. He started producing songs at the age of 13 and released his first song at 17! Wow, it seems like he really is a musical prodigy, BigHit sure is lucky to have him!

4) Suga is the second-fastest rapper in K-pop

Suga rapping on stage

The Bangtan boy can rap up to 117 syllables in 14 seconds, making him one of the fastest rappers in the industry, second only to Zico, from Block B.

5) He has professional cooking skills

Chef Min Suga often makes appearances in the reality shows. He can cook anything from steak to traditional Korean meals! He has won the hearts of millions fans across the world with his cooking

Suga is definitely perfect husband material, with his honey voice and amazing culinary skills! We are very sure that his future partner will be very lucky indeed!


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