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5 facts about Kun from NCT that will surprise you!

Can you fly a plane? The leader of NCT's Chinese subunit WayV, Kun, can. The 25-year-old is talented both on stage and off-stage. Read on to find out fascinating facts about Kun that'll surely blow your mind. C

  • Kun debuted with NCT in 2018 and then with WayV on 17th January 2019.
  • He is not only the singer, but he can also rap!
  • The K-Pop celebrity recently reached 5 million followers on Instagram.

1. The only NCT member with a college degree

Kun at a concert

NCT currently has 23 members, and only Kun has a college degree. He graduated from the Beijing Contemporary Music Institute with a bachelor's degree in Pop Vocal Performance. At his graduation ceremony on 25th May 2018, Kun delivered a speech as a representative of outstanding graduates.

2. He makes amazing songs

Kun's SoundCloud account

Kun can arrange, compose and write songs. He is very active in making music, so he regularly visits recording studios. His SoundCloud, Instagram and Weibo accounts are where he consistently uploads original songs. Kun also helps other WayV members in arranging their song covers.

3. He is a great chef

Kun and WinWin's cooking vlog

Kun is the best cook in WayV, and he often makes food for the other members. WayV members like to learn cooking from Kun, or challenge him to cooking contests (spoiler alert: Kun always wins). He is a great teacher, so both the band members and fans can learn cooking from watching his videos. (Personally, I learned how to make the perfect fried eggs by watching Kun teach band member Winwin.)

4. He was inspired by the K-pop band EXO

Kun at a fan meeting event

EXO inspired Kun to become an idol, and with his hard work, Kun managed to debut in SM Entertainment, the same agency as EXO. He has said that he wants to sing a duet with EXO member Chen someday.

5. He can fly a plane

WayV members Xiaojun, Kun and Hendery

Not only does Kun have driving licenses for both Korea and China, he is also learning to fly planes. When he was younger, he wanted to become a pilot when he grew up. Kun has said he wants to get a pilot's license if he gets the opportunity.

WayV members

How many of these facts about Kun did you know already?

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