Momo from Twice.

5 cool facts you never knew about Twice's Momo

November 9th was the birthday of Twice member Momo. The Dancing Machine turned 24 years old and although we already know her voice and her incredible moves there are still many things to discover about this artist of Japanese descent. Read on to find out more.  

  • Momo Hirai was born 24 years ago in Kyoto, Japan.
  • The artist was discovered by JYP Entertainment through a video where she appeared dancing with older sister Hana.
  • In 2012, she was recruited as a trainee to become a K-Pop idol and in 2015, Momo finally became a member of the world-famous K. Pop girl group Twice.

From a very young age, she knew that her thing was to dance and entertain.

In 2008 Momo started recording videos with her sister Hana and a few years later all her dreams came true, and she moved to South Korea to become the star that she is today.


Despite having an angelic look, this girl is wild on the dance floor.

Street dance is her specialty, and the Japanese singer is the lead dancer for the band Twice.

Professionally we know her very well, but today we want to tell you how Momo is in his personal life.

Check out these 5 mind-blowing facts about the artist.

1. She has more than one nickname.

Momo saying that if she works hard she can eat delicious things.

In addition to having been called the Dancing Machine, the artist is also often called the Eating Machine.

Even though she only weighs 105 pounds (48 kg), this girl knows how to enjoy food.

Her bandmates can't believe all the food she gets into that tiny body.

Fun facts about Momo.

Her favorite dish is Jokbal, which consists of pork legs marinated with soy sauce and spices.

What the 24-year-old singer doesn't like are cucumbers, dairy, and watermelon.

Never take her out to eat salmon, though, because she is allergic to it.

2. Momo has  some phobias.


We will probably never see Momo come down from the roof in a harness at one of Twice's shows.

This girl is very afraid of heights.

Momo with a dog.

Spiders are not a pet option for the “I Can't Stop Me” singer because she has a phobia.

Yes, she is an animal lover as she has 3 dogs Petco, Puddin and Lucky.

However, she is allergic to them!

3. She is a sleeping beauty.

Momo sleeping.

Her bandmates have singled her out as Twice's top sleeper.

In fact, Momo loves sleeping so much that she doesn't even want to spend time drying her hair at night.

She must wake up with a pretty tousled hairstyle every morning!

4. The singer has an ideal type.

Momo and Heechul.

One of the characteristics that anyone who wants to conquer her heart must have is to accompany her in love for food.

Momo is looking for a man who can eat well but is not overweight.

They're so cute together!

Thanks to this data we can already say that Super Junior's Heechul is also an Eating Machine.

Both have been officially dating since January 2020.

5. The Dancing Machine likes to participate in reality shows.

Momo in Hit The Stage.

Hirai not only participated in the JYP Entertainmet reality show Sixteen, but was also a participant on Hit Stage.

On that show, the singer revealed that she has a fear of elimination shows thanks to her bad experience at Sixteen in 2015 where she had to leave the show in episode 6.

Dancing Machine.

Fortunately, despite this, Momo still managed to be part of K-Pop's band Twice.

Here's an extra fact: Momo means peach.

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