Seventeen group boys pose for a picture Seventeen group boys pose for a picture

5 bizarre rules K-pop trainees have to follow

All that glitters is not gold. We have all heard this phrase at some point in our life and In terms of Korean idols, this is fairly true. Being a K-pop celebrity isn't as effortless as it may seem! For these now famous stars, starting out was just as hard as keeping it up, but how? Let's take a look at what every K-pop trainee has to go through to become successful in their field!

  • K-pop is an abbreviation for Korean Popular music originated in South Korea. 
  • More than 100 groups make a debut every year, however only a few, nearly 5% of them, are successful.
  • It costs around 3 million to train a Korean idol. That's quite a lot, and many companies do not pay these idols unless the debt is paid off!

Imagine going through endless restrictions professionally and personally to fulfill your dream. Similar challenges are faced by K-pop celebrities who must endure many hardships in order to stay employed. 

1. Maintain a strict diet

As you may know, the Korean beauty standards are crushing. It is after much research that the brands make it mandatory to look flawless because that's what the audience like to see. But when I say a strict diet, it's really not your regular diet plan. A whole new level is reached here.

Soobin and Yeojun from TXT share their trainee days experience

Soobin and Yeonjun from TXT (AKA Tomorrow X Together) boy band spilled in a live broadcast that when they were trainees, they had to exercise religiously and follow a certain diet plan as per the agency's demands! Watch how these celebrities have been on crashing diets to fulfil the beauty criteria!

2. No food inside the building

Well, I told you in the headline that these are some bizarre rules K celebrities are expected to follow, so don't be surprised by what I am about to tell you.

Jimin from BTS enjoying his meal

Can you imagine going to your school or office and not being able to eat inside the building? How long would you have to wait and then have your food outside, that too regardless of the weather condition. Well, that's somewhat the situation of all K-pop trainees. Poor souls are not allowed to Munch while they are still in their work areas!

3. No naps within the building

BTS boys posing for a cover shoot Source: sponsored

A lock-up actually gives you more freedom to choose when you sleep and what food you have. The Korean trainees' building, on the other hand, sometimes sounds even worse than that. It's as if the company leaves no stone unturned to make the celebrities feel restricted. I'm a person who loves midday naps, but I feel unfortunate for the K-pop idols who are celebrated every day for their fame but in reality they  have to go through so much even before they begin their career. 

4. No dating allowed

In this article, I want my readers to empathize more than they sympathize, lol. Now dwell into your thoughts and imagine you're a superstar. Girls/boys are  a die hard fan of yours. Millions of them are ready to date you right away, but your company does not allow you to date just because you're working for them. That's not fair, of course. And RM from BTS keeps pretty much the same opinion.

Watch the BTS boys' take on love here.

Rap Monster shares the stage with Ailee A.K.A Amy Lee

Before debuting, BTS even came up with a song called 'A Typical Trainees Christmas' wherein they threw a playful shade on their company, Big Hit Entertainment's, weird trainee rules. It is also said that if you follow the rule for 3 years straight and don't cause a problem for your agency, you might have some mercy and finally be permitted to have a partner!

5. Restrictions on part-time jobs

Seventeen boy band pose for an album cover

While it may not be implemented by every company, but most of the agencies prevent their trainees from part-time jobs. It doesn't matter if the sole salary fulfills their needs or not, but they have to follow the rule strictly! 
My respect for the K-pop stars has massively increased since I came across these facts. I hope there is a healthy revolution in the industry to change  these mind baffling rules. There finally comes a day when these stars can live their lives much like normal people do!

Watch what rules female K-pop idols have to follow on a day-to-day basis!

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