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5 Korean beauty secrets from your favorite K-Drama idols!

Did you notice that Korean celebrities always look so incredibly glamorous and radiant? You’re probably wondering how K-Drama stars manage to have such flawless skin that glows like porcelain and with no wrinkles. Scroll down to discover amazing beauty secrets from our favorite Korean celebs!

  • The Korean Wave known as “Hallyu” refers to the worldwide popularity of South Korea's explosion in exporting pop culture, music, TV dramas and movies.
  • Korean dramas, aka K-Dramas, are Korean language TV shows. They are made in South Korea but have huge international audiences. Full of K-Pop culture, cool fashion and style, they’re super glamorous!
  • K-Beauty products are internationally popular and known for their quality because they only use natural and skin friendly ingredients.

1) Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung looking effortlessly cute!

Lee Sung Kyung portrayed the memorable character from "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo."  Most viewers are surprised by her glowing looks and elegance. She revealed that her favorite beauty product is lipstick.

Sung Kyung prefers lipstick applicators that last longer, and she doesn’t have to keep applying color after a meal. The secret is choosing bright red peach tones that look natural and bright. The actress also loves to make her own face mask with natural ingredients.

2) Park Seo Joon

Incredibly young looking actor Park Seo Joon

It’s not only girls care about skin products, guys also make an effort to look their best. Park Seo Joon gained popularity for his performances in numerous K-Dramas, such as "What's wrong with Secretary Kim" and "Itaewon Class." Can you believe the actor is in his 30s but still looks like a 20-year-old!

He confessed that he uses anti-aging moisturizes, and he has a strict skin routine to nourish his pores every morning and night so his skin never looks tired. His advice is to sleep well because it improves skin complexion.

3) Shin Min Ah

Shin Min Ah still looks young and beautiful

We adore actress Shin Min Ah. She is still looking the same as she did ten years ago when starring in the Netflix hit "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho."  We loved her comedy character of a “gumiho” a legendary fox with nine tails.

So what’s her secret for such youthful skin? She uses products rich in antioxidants that give her a very healthy and radiant look on her skin. To cleanse her skin she double washes it with cold water to prevent dryness and irritation.

4) Jo Jung Suk

Jo Jung Suk appearing in Harper's Bazaar magazine

Jo Jung Suk reveals that his flawless skin is thanks to using products that protect the skin from UV rays and also moisturize it. When he is on set he always carries a sunscreen in his pocket that not only helps him during outdoor activities but also gives a natural-looking, clean appearance to his face.

His skin routine focuses on clarifying, toning and applying layers of hydration. This is his secret to achieve optimum luminosity.

5) Kim Do Ah

Kim Do Ah gorgeous shine lip-gloss

Kim Do Ah truly loves to use shine lip-gloss. This kind of product rejuvenates the lips, giving them hydration and at the same time giving them color. It also creates volume, bringing out natural plumpness to achieve fuller lips that look as glamorous as the stars!

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