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5 K-Dramas that will make you stay on your kitchen forever!

Yummy food is a substantial ingredient in K-dramas. Sumptuous, sensual and tasty cooking is so important in the shows that you are going to want to grab some snacks! Watching them is such an indulgence because you can’t just watch a single episode, you want more and more! Read on as we reveal the best series for foodies!

  • Korean dramas, aka K-dramas, are Korean language TV shows. They are made in South Korea but have huge international audiences. Full of K- pop culture, cool fashion and style, they’re super glamorous!
  • Most shows have 16 to 20 hour long episodes so there’s enough time to immerse yourself in an enjoyable story without it never ending or moving too slowly. Once the plot line is finished, the show is over and you can get on to the next one!
  • K-dramas are amongst the highest-ratted shows on Netflix streaming service.

1) “Pasta”

Korean drama "Pasta" charming heroine. 

"Pasta" tells the story of an aspiring young woman who dreams of being a star chef in a famous Italian restaurant. She spends so much time in the kitchen crafting amazing dishes that we warn you it will give you major cravings.

2) “Temperature of Love”

"Temperature of Love" rates hot in romantic K-drama degrees.

This drama follows the story of a sizzling romance between a passionate chef and a writer that goes off the boil. Years later they meet again and have another chance to rekindle their love.

3) “My lovely Sam-soon”

"My Lovely Sam Soon" gorgeous star's poster.

Sam-soon is a temperamental but talented chef who owns a restaurant. She decides to hire a pastry chef and ends up smashing a mango mousse cake into his face, but it’s so delicious that he licks it off. They fall in love because he says she smells like sugar!

4) “King of Baking: Kim Tak-Gu”

Handsome leading man in "The King of Baking"

It doesn’t matter if you don’t live near a bakery, as after watching a few episodes viewers will smell the aroma of bread baking coming from their screens. The show tells the story of a determined young baker who has their sights set on becoming the best baker in Korea.

5) “Flower Boy Ramen Shop”

This show will teach you how important and special it is to make real ramen.  It’s definitely not a cup noodle dish. The characters of the show work in a shop creating sublime ramen dishes.

They also make “kimchi” a Korean traditional dish of fermented spicy cabbage. Don’t miss the most romantic kimchi kiss in this drama!

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