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5 BTS songs that will make you cry

Did you know that many BTS songs have deep and emotional meanings? Lyrics like 'Fake love' and 'Truth Untold', have touched the hearts of millions of fans across the globe. So, which of their songs are the most heartbreaking? We have selected the five saddest BTS songs from our playlists. Keep reading to find out!

  • 'First love' talks about Suga's road accident from 2012 when he was a trainee.
  • 'Outro: tear' was inspired by the group's struggles in 2018 when they even considered disbanding.

1. 'First Love' by Suga

WINGS photoshoot: Suga

This track from the Wings album tops our list for many reasons. From the very beginning, the melody of the piano and raw emotions make you clench your heart. Suga's personal experiences from his trainee days have inspired the lyrics. He expresses how his love for playing the piano got him through his struggles during his pre-debut days. 'First love' is truly a masterpiece that shows why Yoongi is someone to look up to and admire! 

2. 'Outro: tear' by the RM, Suga, and JHope 

'Outro:Tear' performance

Honestly, it is impossible to listen to this one without crying! The members revealed that this track was written when the group was considering disbandment in 2018. For me, the lyrics explain the feelings that come when some experiences make us lose a part of ourselves. J-Hope's fast rap at the end is especially emotional and will definitely give you goosebumps! 


3. 'Reflection' by RM 

WINGS photoshoot: RM

Namjoon is known for his high IQ, love of nature, and relaxing songs like 'Seoul' and 'Forever Rain'. 'Reflection' also has slow and immersive music combined with Namjoon's low tone rapping. The lyrics express an internal emotional struggle of understanding and loving yourself. At the end of the song, the repeating lines: 'I wish I could love myself' are the most touching. If you are looking for another meaningful song to add to your playlist, 'Reflection' has to be the one.


4. 'Butterfly' (prologue remix)

Fan Tweet

How can we forget this beautiful track from the Wings album? Using analogies to the flight of a butterfly, this song shows the story of losing someone close to you. But somehow, I think, the music also expresses hope: the beauty of the sunset light that promises the arrival of good times. 'Butterfly' also has an official prologue trailer


5. 'Black Swan'

'Black Swan' performance at the Late Late Show

This song is what we call the definition of art! Its concept lies in the life of a dancer. They spend their whole lives performing, but inevitably they have to put an end to their career. This experience is described as another death for the performer. 'Black Swan' performances depict this pain through the expressive choreography. Would you like to see a dancer accepting their fate and rising from their own ashes?


BTS have used their songs to express their true selves in the best way possible. The stories they tell through their tracks are heartwarming and relatable. Do you have any other songs on your playlist which should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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