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4 weird misconceptions fans have about V from BTS

When you are famous, it is highly likely that misinformation is spread. Luckily, BTS fans, the ARMY, revealed and discovered serious allegations against their K-Pop idols. The hashtag #ArmyConfessionTime on Twitter was trending with some weird yet hilarious facts they thought were true about V. Scroll down to take a look at them!  

  • Since V has a low-pitched voice, people used to believe that he is the oldest member of the band.
  • Due to the same reason, it was thought that he would debut as a rapper in the band.
  • The band member RM revealed that he thought V was a naughty kid when he first met him. 
BTS V, the most handsome

Vlive for V:

Fan's tweet

So a fan shared that when she got to know about Vlive, a famous South Korean application for the live video streaming service by the celebrities for their fans, she thought it was designed specifically for V. Like what? A whole application for one celebrity? Not that he doesn't deserve this, he deserves more than this, but her idea made us laugh out loud.

Also, its hilarious that she looked up for apps for other members. Did you do this too?

V or Taehyung?:

Fan's tweet

Well, we can totally agree to this misconception because, aren't they? Most of the time, we see Taehyung, commonly known as Taetae, acting cute and soft with the members but as soon as he goes up on stage, a complete different person can be seen there performing for the fans. We don't call him the king of duality for no reason.

Jungkook or V?:

Fan's tweet

A fan revealed that she used to get confused by V and Jungkook since being the youngest members, they looked really similar.

BTS V at the shoot

She even put Jungkook's photo on her phone thinking that it was V. Well, yes they did look similar in the previous eras, but now they have become so different and manly, aren't they?

V, a fashion model:

Fan's tweet

With a handsome face and amazing body, when V poses for the camera, one can see nothing but him. The same happened to a fan when she thought that he is not a singer but a fashion model.  When someone looks this good while posing, who cannot get confused? Well, V is naturally good at everything.

BTS V posing for the camera

Which misconception about V did you think was true? Let us know in the comments below and take a look at him being absolutely adorable!

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