Irene in the Power Up music video Irene in the Power Up music video

4 lessons we learned from Red Velvet's singer Irene

Want to learn how to design a logo, decorate a cake, ride a bike or share your old photos? Irene can help you out! For her 30th birthday, the leader of the K-Pop girl group ‘Red Velvet’ shared an adorable vlog called ‘Irene’s Record’, that left fans fascinated with her knowledge and creative ideas. Check out everything below!

  • Irene is the leader, main rapper, and lead dancer of ‘Red Velvet’ under 'SM Entertainment'.
  • Her cute birthday vlog on YouTube 147,000 likes and more than 900,000 views!  
  • To celebrate, Irene’s fans donated $2,000 to a charity organization called ‘KUMFA’ in South Korea for her birthday.

1. Making a logo for ‘Irene’s Record’

Irene making a logo

On 29th March, the star sat in a yellow cardigan coloring away on her iPad. The singer sat prettily designing the logo for her birthday vlog. It was titled ‘Irene’s Record’. Click here to watch the video!

How nice of her to give a gift to her fans on her birthday?

2. Decorating her birthday cake!

Irene making her birthday cake

In K-Pop, when it’s an idol’s birthday they upload a video of them decorating and cutting the cake for fans. Irene included this special bit in her vlog too. The rapper struggled with making it by pretty using green, orange, and yellow colors. 

Would you eat this cake?

3. Learning how to ride a bike in Seoul

Irene riding a bike

Using the day off, the star cycled around the Han River in Seoul with her manager. Fans were happy to see Irene trying out new things! Thankfully, with the help of her manager, she rode a bicycle gifted by her lovely fans. 

4. Showing fans her old Polaroids collection

Irene at her 28th birthday event

Lastly, she gathered all her old Polaroids to show her fans. The singer revealed that her plan was to gift them to the fans when they meet but due to the COVID-19 pandemic all fan meets were stopped. That’s too bad! 

She also showed off purple tulips that she gifted to herself. I love that, I think we all should give gifts to ourselves on birthdays. Do you agree?


Irene for a project

After the release of her film ‘Double Patty,’ the singer took some time off from social media. It was nice to enjoy all the content she uploaded on her birthday for the fans. Later, she also personally read the supportive messages and thanked fans for all their love! I really enjoyed her vlog and I think she should do more of them. 

What activity do you think she should try in her next vlog? Comment below!

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