IU 'Lilac' concept photo IU 'Lilac' concept photo

4 K-pop stars who get hate for unbelievable reasons

In a world where K-pop stars are always under the spotlight, people find ways to dislike even the best idols. Some haters are so negative that they come up with the strangest justifications to be mean to celebrities. From the soloist IU to Jennie from Blackpink, many K-pop idols have come under fire for no reason. Watch more below!

  •  BTS received hate online by winning major music awards like American Music, Grammy, Billboard and Korean Music Awards in 2020 and 2021.
  • IU, the solo singer who debuted in 2008, got hate comments on her Instagram account (which 21 million fans follow).
  • Chen from EXO is the first person in his band to get married, so haters organized protests to kick him out of the band.

1) IU: for being BTS' Jungkook’s 'ideal type'

The album cover of IU's 'Lilac'

Did you know that the first album worldwide star Jungkook bought was IU’s album? New fans might not know this, but when he was younger, he revealed that he was a huge fan of hers and looked up to her. From giving flowers to saying IU was his ideal type, Jungkook really proved his love to the singer. At the moment, BTS fans thought that his funny behavior was adorable!

Jungkook listening intently to IU's winning speech at the Melon Music Awards 2017

But some toxic fans decided to send her hate only because Jungkook was her fanboy. The 'Lilac' singer's Instagram was spammed with harsh comments. Since then, IU and the BTS member have never interacted in public. 

2) Chen from EXO: for being married and having a child

Teaser photo for Chen's song 'Beautiful Goodbye'

In January 2020, EXO’s main vocalist wrote a touching letter to fans to tell them he had a girlfriend who he was going to marry. He also revealed that the couple was expecting a child. In April, their daughter was born. EXO fans were so happy that they even began to call themselves the baby’s aunties. 

Chen's concept photo for EXO's 'Obsession'

Some bitter Korean fans decided to be angry at the 28-year-old singer for having a loving family. They started sending him hate comments and saying Chen should be kicked out of EXO. The worst part was that these so-called fans even protested outside the building of the band’s management company, SM Entertainment. They ended up becoming a worldwide laughingstock because less than 20 people showed up at the protest, and SM Entertainment soon released a statement saying Chen would remain part of the band.

3) Jenny from Blackpink: for being “lazy”

A shot from the music video of Jennie's 'Solo'

Jenny is one of the most famous members of Blackpink, but the pretty rapper also has many haters. In 2018, the star made her solo debut with the song ‘Solo’. Haters thought this was a good opportunity to spread malicious rumors about her. They declared that she danced enthusiastically in her own songs, but was lazy when performing with Blackpink. Jennie and her management company, YG Entertainment, didn’t address the issue.

Jennie's ankle injury in 2020

In 2020, the truth was finally revealed. Fans found out that she has a weak ankle, which she has hurt many times. The videos that the haters had spread were also from when she was hurt and couldn't properly dance. #ApologizeToJennie trended all over Twitter because fans were angry at the haters. The singer tries Yoga and Pilates for recovery, as well as physiotherapy sessions.

4) BTS: for getting all the awards

BTS at MAMA 2019

The band worked so hard that they won more awards than any other singer at the year-end awards in 2019. In the Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA), they made history by winning 9 awards, including Best Male Group and Worldwide Icon of the Year. Fans were extremely proud of their achievements.

BTS at MAMA 2020

Haters were angry. They accused the award show for being biased, and BTS for somehow bribing Mnet. Other sceptic fans said one group should not get all the awards, and they said other idols deserved to win more than BTS did. BTS simply kept working and winning eight awards at MAMA 2020.

Jimin and Jungkook performing 'Black Swan' at MAMA 2020

K-pop idols work hard their entire lives to accomplish their goals, but haters still find ways to hurt them. We think all these haters should stop wasting their time being negative and instead work like all these singers do. Which of these reasons did you think was the most unbelievable? Comment down below. And also check out this video about the 3 most hated female K-Pop singers.

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