BTS boys pose for a picture BTS boys pose for a picture

3 ways K-pop idols are changing beauty standards

You are probably familiar with the beauty standards of Korea if you follow K-pop. Many people find their perfect looks distracting and unrealistic. Standards are changing and K-Pop stars are getting more 'real'. Check out which idols are changing the beauty standards of the industry, below!

  • Korea ranks as the only east Asian country with the highest rate of cosmetic surgeries among 10 others, according to the international society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.
  • Slim figure, small face, v-shaped jaw, fair skin, double eyelids are just a few of their most admired features. Here's all you need to know about the Korean beauty industry and how it has been making millions from its citizens alone!
The picture perfect band BTS poses for a photo

Big eyes, flawless and spotless skin, fair skin, and tall height are some physical features every Korean wishes to have. However, no real human looks as flawless. That's not just our opinion, but the Koreans themselves keep a similar mindset. For the longest time, K-pop singers followed the trend, but the time is changing now, and a revolution means more acceptance towards distinct beauty.

1. Jihyo's Tanned Skin

One of Korea's famous idols, Jihyo, who's a part of the all-girls band, Twice, has been breaking the Korean standards of fair skin. Speaking of her tan, the 24-year-old expressed that she feels confident in her skin. She said that once some parts of her body got tanned in the blazing sun of Okinawa except for the areas she had clothing on. So she got a tan to make all of her skin even! How amazing is that? Her confidence makes fans gush over her even more now. Watch her journey of becoming who she is today here.

2. Jimin's small eyes

Jimin from BTS

The big, round eyes of Korean people have always fascinated me. It is also a praised feature for Koreans, which is why Jimin from BTS often receives criticism for his small eyes. For my side, I also really like small eyes and I think they look absolutely adorable when a person smiles, don't you think?

Jimin feels unbothered by the criticism on his eyes

Jimin has further validated my opinion. He's living proof that he doesn't look good despite small eyes, rather, he looks handsome because of them!

3. Woozi's height

Woozi performing on stage

K-pop idols often stand taller than 5.7'', but we are delighted to see Woozi from Seventeen unbothered by this trend. The 24-year-old lyricist stands confidently next to his peers even though he is only 5''5'!

We are glad K-pop idols are breaking the stereotypes, especially when they have such a huge following, so is their impact. This way they are promoting acceptance both among their fandom and their own people (Koreans).

Watch what the Korean idols have to go through to make a big name!

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