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3 unknown facts about Jackson Wang

Did you know that the K-Pop's 'bad boy' is actually an angel? He is a sweetheart, with a personality just as beautiful as his face. Keep reading to discover some interesting facts about Jackson!  

  • Jackson Wang is a Hong Kong rapper, singer, and dancer who is based in China.
  • He became a part of the Korean Band GOT7 in January 2014.
  • Despite being Chinese, Wang started his music career in Korea and after working under JYP Entertainment for 7 years, he now wants to make a solo debut in this country. 
  • He is the most followed K-pop idol on Instagram.

1. Jackson is as soft as a baby

Jackson Wang

Not in a bad sense, but unlike many other guys who hide their emotions, Wang is a soft-hearted person who easily breaks down into tears. His favorite movie, Miracle in Cell No.7, made him cry all the way to the end. 

2. Both of his parents are into sports

Jackson Wang with his parents

The 28-year-old’s father is the former coach of the Hong Kong National Fencing team. His mother is also a gold medalist of the World Gymnastics Championship. More surprisingly, Wang himself has been a former member of the National Fencing team, however, he left sports to pursue his passion, singing. 

3. Jackson has a friendly nature

Jacson Wong

Despite his innumerable achievements, Wang has a very friendly and approachable nature. He is easy to be around. This makes him become friends with a lot of people in and out of the industry. Henry from Super Junior, RM from BTS, Tao and Luhan, ex-members of EXO, are his best buddies to name a few. 

Jackson is the ultimate example of beauty with brains. We hope his wish of releasing a solo in Korea is fulfilled soon, and we wish him success in all parts of his careers, since he's so talented.
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