3 unbelievable facts about Jisoo, the Blackpink K-Pop star

Jisoo's 4D personality makes her a unique member of Blackpink. She's the life of the party and everyone loves her cheery personality. Even though Jisoo is quite open with her fans, there's only so much one can know. Read more below to see what 3 things fans were shocked to find out about her!   

  • The 5’3” singer has a total net worth of $9 million.
  • Jisoo trained under YG Entertainment for 5 years before debuting in Blackpink.
  • At the age of 25, she is the face of luxury brands such as DIOR and Burberry.
  • Recently, her Instagram has gained popularity among many fashion designers. 

1. Got addicted to eating paper

Jisoo at a cafe

Yes, I admit that eating paper is a very common thing among kids but is an addiction common too? I don't think so. Jisoo revealed that in her childhood she liked eating paper so much she started getting scolded for it.

You would think she stopped, right? No, the girl simply hid in the bathroom from her parents to munch on toilet paper.  

2. Wrote her textbook all over again

Jisoo for a photoshoot

This one came as a surprise because students barely sit down to study these days! Jisoo spoke about her love for Korean history. The only thing that bugged her was that the book was not in chronological order, so she wrote it all over again herself. Is this something you see yourself doing? 

3. Went to school at 1 am

Jisoo at the airport

Woah! What was Jisoo doing on school property past midnight? Apparently, she had forgotten her textbook and went to collect it. Can you imagine the creepy hallways? Ew! The security guard caught a glimpse of her and almost fainted. I wonder why Jisoo didn't wait for the next school day. 

I feel like knowing all these peculiar and surprising things about Jisoo is so cool. Next time I see any content of her, these things will surely ring in my head! Do you have any strange habits that you may have given up? Let us know in the comments. 

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