The Bangtan boys looking ravishing as ever!

3 times the BTS idols made jaw-dropping confessions!

Hearing shocking confessions from your favourite K-pop idol can be a bolt from the blue! Despite being globally famous they have a private life. Scroll down to find out some surprising confessions made by the BTS members themselves!  

  • Big Hit Entertainment did us a favour by combining seven of Korea's finest boys in the form of BTS, eight years ago.
  • The group has more than 31 million followers on Twitter making them quite popular amongst their fans.
  • They are worshipped all over the world and are widely known for their sweet relations with their fans.

1) Jimin almost didn't debut for the band

BTS member Jimin rocking a Celine jacket!

Can you believe it! BTS without our best-loved member, baby Mochi? The absurd thought sure makes us sad, but we're glad that it didn't actually happen.

Jimin stealing the spotlight with his energetic performance!

Chim Chim shared the reason for almost not joining BTS. He felt that his dancing style was overly different from the other members. The little snippet that he revealed only made us feel grateful that Jimin changed his mind. I mean, Jiminie is known for his crazy dance moves! 

Don't you agree?

2) BTS weren't supposed to debut with 'No more dream'

BTS idols in their teens!

Can you guys imagine the Bangtan boys debuting wuth a song other than 'No more dream'? I know I can't! The exceptionally handsome band member, V revealed that they were supposed to make their debut with a song called 'End of the world'.

BTS boys looking handsome in a tux!

The head of BTS' agency, however, thought it would be better if the boys begun their journey with a song that represented the life issues of youngsters. Sharing their own experiences with the audience through music helped them expand their fandom. We're glad that it all turned out in favour of the boys!

3) BTS almost disbanded in 2018

BTS boys posing for a covershoot!

I cannot believe my ears, can you? This was so far the most shocking confession. Doesn't matter that this thought crossed their minds three years ago, it still crushes our heart.

The Bangtan boys posing at an award show!

The oldest member of the group, Jin confessed it during the award acceptance speech at the 2018 MAMA. Even though they accomplished a lot during that year, they also dealt with a lot of stress. Thankfully, they all agreed to continue this beautiful journey together and face their fears.

We're happy to see that they've reached great levels of success in such a short time. No matter what difficulties they face, ARMYs will always stand by their side! Do you all agree?

Check out some cute moments of the BTS members below!


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