Jisoo and Lisa on the sets of their song Ice Cream.

3 times Jisoo left Lisa Manoban speechless!

Without a doubt Jisoo and Lisa make the greatest duo in the K-pop industry. BLINKS are quite fond of their amusing conversations, especially when it includes Jisoo's savage remarks. Scroll down to find out how many times Sooya left Lalisa speechless with her hilarious comments!

  • After working together in Blackpink, Lisa and Jisoo have earned a net worth of $8 million each.
  • Both the divas are currently endorsing two famous luxury brands, Celine and Dior.
  • They were introduced to the K-pop world through YG Entertainment.
  • Fans love their duo so much that they have named it 'Lisoo'.

1) Jisoo rated Lisa's makeup 3/5

Jisoo and Lisa travelling around together!

First of all, we all agree that neither of them need makeup to look pretty! Their natural beauty is so hard to resist. So what's the reason behind grading Manoban's makeup skills so low? 

Blackpink girls during a VLIVE session!

During a VLIVE session with the Blackpink divas, Sooya jokingly commented on her bandmate's eyebrows for not being properly filled. 'Your eyebrows have some empty spots', she said.

This earned a great laugh from all the K-pop girls, including Lisa herself. How adorable! Check out the video here!

2) Called Maknae's English 'a pity'

Lisa and Jisoo balancing apples on their heads!

Lisoo's goofy moments is what we shippers live for! In an episode of their TV show, Blackpink House the divas laughed over Lisa messing up some English words. She confused the word dumpling with tumbling and giggled along with her bandmates.

Between the chuckles, Sooya blurted out her iconic comment on Lisa- 'Your English is a pity'Isn't she adorable? We think so too!

Check out the video here!

3) Jisoo can't stop imitating Lalisa

Lisa and Jisoo looking adorable together!

Has anyone ever imitated you in the sweet way Chi Choo does? In the band's Tv show, 24/365 With Blackpink, Jisoo put light on Manoban's iconic glare by imitating her adorably. 

Jisoo and Lisa being their charming selves!

As the girls updated each other on their recent activities, Sooya killed Lalisa's 'Strict mentor' impression. 'There’s no need to be sorry to me. You should be sorry to your members', she glared in the most serious yet amusing way. Don't you want a special bond like theirs with someone? 

I know I do!

Check out this Lisoo inspired video below!

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