BTS members looking dashing!

3 times BTS members went crazy with each other!

Who doesn't enjoy a witty exchange between two friends? Specially when it includes the Bangtan boys with their savage remarks. Their fans a.k.a. ARMYs live for moments where they see their idols troll each other. We have the best instances listed down for you. Scroll down to have a great laugh!

1) Kim Taehyung and Chim Chim's iconic bond

Jimin and V goofing around!

What's a friendship without being able to roast each other? BTS member V is the living example of 'Go savage or go home'. Fans love to see this crazy side of Kim Taehyung!

BTS members at a cooking show together!

 I'm wheezing, aren't you? V's comment left us all in hysterics. His confidence level not only astounds us, but we do think that he's absolutely correct!

However, we feel a little bad for our little Mochi, for experiencing this level of savagery from V. What would you guys say in such a situation? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out their banter in the link given here!

2) When Suga chose Jimin and J-Hope out of all the BTS boys

Suga, Jimin and J-Hope looking adorable!

ARMYs don't get fooled by Min Yoongi's calm demeanor! He wins the race when it comes to being savage. The K-pop idol sure knows how to steal the show with just a few lines.

BTS boys laughing at Suga's joke!

Min was asked during an interview to choose his favorites from the group. Without missing a breath, he selected Chim Chim and J-Hope. 'Just so I could look the better looking one from the lot', he said.

Check out the video here!

Suga made it impossible for us to control our laughter! Can you believe that such a statement would come from our Motionless Min? Jiminie and J-Dope on the other hand laughed along with the other members of their group.

3) Jin during his VLIVE session

Jin looking cute during a session at VLIVE!

 'Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the sassiest of them all?' The answer would be Jin! Even though Yoongi holds the title of 'Savage King', Kim Seokjin is just as savage as him.

Jin being savage!

He is the Joey Tribbiani of BTS! During his VLIVE, fans asked him to share his food to which he replied, 'Im sorry. Buy your own food'. Isn't he adorable?

No matter how sassy his replies get, fans would kill for a bite from his meal. Would you? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out the post here!

BTS boys looking dashing!

We love how the BTS members are so comfortable around each other! ARMYs adore their relationship. The fans can't wait to see more of their sassy side!

Check out their video below!

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