3 BTS' funny pranks that made fans pee their pants!

BTS members have pranked each other and Army multiple times. Did you know they prank us every April's fools day? Jimin loves to prank others, and BTS has pranked Army so many times. Find out below moments when they proved they are the best pranksters. 

  • BTS is a South Korean boy band formed by the BigHit Entertainment.
  • They are the most followed Korean act on Twitter, with more than 30 million followers.
  • The song, 'Boy with Luv' was BTS' first song to hit a billion views on YouTube
  • 7 members of the group are divided into 3 rappers and 4 vocalists. 
BTS at Grammys 2019 source: Getty

BTS has proved that they are good at everything. This includes pranks. Here are some iconic pranks by the boy.  

1. Twitter displays

BTS has pranked Army by changing their Twitter display. They have changed it to Jin's picture with a lobster, to Busan men featuring Jimin and Jungkook, and even used Jin's funny photos. With millions of followers, they do not shy away from being funny. 

2. Jungkook's birthday prank

When BTS and their staff pranked Jungkook. Jungkook is the member who tries his best to achieve perfection. BTS pranked him on his birthday by making him feel guilty of his poor performance. We think they went a little harsh on 17-year-old Jungkook. He cried after he realized it was a prank.

They acted really well! Would you have fallen for this prank too? 

3. Pranking Army on V LIVE

BTS' favorite prank of all, pranking Army by pretending the screen is frozen. They have started many V LIVEs this way, and it usually ends by blaming J-Hope for ruining the prank. We love J-Hope for doing it. It's obvious when the boys try to prank, but we still play along. 

Have you ever been pranked by BTS? Share your favorite prank with us in the comments. Watch the complete prank on Jungkook's birthday below!

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