3 times Kim Taehyung teased the Army on Weverse!

Weverse is a South Korean mobile app created by Big Hit Entertainment. It is a platform where the artists can connect with their fans and vice versa. Official statements by the company about the artists are also uploaded on the app. Keep reading to find out more!

  • Out of all BTS members, Kim Taehyung is the most active when it comes to interacting with the Army.
  • The 24-year-old often shares pictures and leaves comments on the fan posts, making their day.
  • Here are three times the 5’10” tall superstar teased his fans on Weverse.

1) The Shirtless Selfie

V looking stunning in Gucci Source: Adobe Stock

If you’ve ever wondered what’s underneath those thousand dollar Gucci shirts, then hold your breath. Kim Taehyung once uploaded a blurry, shirtless picture of himself, only to delete it after 30 seconds. Now why would he play with our emotions like that? Here’s the picture in case you’ve missed it. 

V's shirtless selfie

2) The Proposal

V rejecting an Army's proposal

Are you hopelessly in love with V, and wish to marry him someday? Sorry to break it down to you, but it’s probably never going to happen. An Army took a shot on Weverse and proposed Taehyung, to which he straight-up replied ‘NO!’. Who knew that an exclamation mark could hurt so much?

3) The English Expert

V looking ravishing on stage

Kim Taehyung is not just a pretty face, he is also a sheer savage. A fan once asked him to speak English for her. Can you guess what his reply was? Well, his answer was short yet hilarious. The K-pop king simply wrote ‘abc’, and fans couldn’t help but laugh.

V's new season's greeting photoshoot

Can you imagine getting a reply from him one day? The chances may be slim to none, but they still exist. If you’re planning on proposing him, then I pray that he lets you down easy.

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