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3 surprising theories about BTS' upcoming song, 'Butter'

BTS' songs always have a cryptic yet deep meaning behind them. Every single detail of their music videos hints at a different story. The same tradition is followed in the teaser releases of their upcoming single 'Butter'. So some genius fans have shared the theories from the concept photos of the song, and we just can't unsee them. All the details including yellow balloons in the photos similar to the balloons in their first dorm have been picked up by them. So scroll down to continue reading about it and get hyped for BTS' 'Butter'!

  • Butter will be the second English single by BTS.
  • Their previous English song, 'Dynamite' broke hundreds of records such as charting on the Billboard Hot 100, breaking Guinness World Records, etc.
  • The members of the band can be seen breaking stereotypes about masculinity by wearing semi-feminine clothes in the teaser photos.
Butter Concept Photo

As BTS' new single, 'Butter' is coming out on May 21st, the expectations of fans are sky-high. They are busy connecting the dots between the teaser releases of the song and the band's previous eras. Let's see what top theories have been found out by them! 

1-Butter is about BTS' debut days:

BTS' first anniversary

The concept photo released on May 1st, 2021, has 8 yellow helium balloons stuck to the ceiling on top. These balloons have smiley faces drawn on them which makes them look similar to the balloons BTS had in their dorm on their first anniversary.

BTS backstage

At that time, all the boys were teenagers except for Jin and Suga who were also just 20. Being the young boys coming from a humble background, they did not have a large apartment but a one-roomed place to live.

But they lived and cherished every moment together. Now, after almost eight years, when they have become global stars, it seems like they are looking back at the memories and feeling nostalgic. Therefore, most of the fans believe that 'Butter' will be a remembrance of their old teen days.

BTS' 'Butter' Group Photo 

Some fans also think that the way those smiley faces are drawn on the balloons instead of having them printed on balloon skin shows that they want to go back in time and need a break from all the fame and glamour.

Well, the proofs for this theory are so solid that one cannot think of it being untrue. Do you think the same? 

2-Butter is a continuation of the 'Run' era:

BTS' Run Photo

The band's Run music video, released in 2015, showed boys running away from the world and enjoying their time by throwing a house party.

The Polaroid filter and the confetti on the floor used for the concept photo of Butter seems similar to the colors and aesthetics of the Run music video. This is why fans are speculating that 'Butter' will show the aftermath of the house party from that era. 

BTS on shoot

It might show their journey starting from the debut time to the Run era. What do you think about it?

3-Butter has dark-shady vibes:

BTS posing for the camera

Well, no one can deny this. The way the concept teaser collage is made, it looks as if multiple pictures of a crime scene have been taken. However, the crime here does not look like more than an after-party scene, but it still gives some real shady feel.

BTS at the photoshoot

Also, the teaser videos of each member have dark blue and red lights. The background music also has a mysterious vibe to it which further confirms that 'Butter' is going to be a song with a dark-shady vibe, unlike Dynamite!

Till yet, what theories you have found out? Let us know in the comments below and check out the teaser video for 'Butter'!

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