Nature 9 members: Sohee, Aurora, Saebom, LU, Chaebin, Haru, Loha, Uchae and Sunshine. 

3 surprising facts about the K-Pop group 'Nature'

From having their music video „Girls“ banned on  TV to having 'Gaga' as their former member, keep reading below what makes 'Nature' so special.

  • Nature is a K-pop girls group that debuted in August 2018 under n.CH Entertainment with their single album „Girls and Flowers“.
  • The group has 9 members: Sohee, Aurora, Saebom, LU, Chaebin, Haru, Loha, Uchae and Sunshine. 
  • The music video „GIRLS“ is the most controversial due to the uncensored music video. 
  • Nature has a big lineup of songs to choose from. The lead single „Allegro Cantabile“ of their first single album „Girls and Flowers“ is a remake of the opening song to „Nodame Cantabile“, a popular anime which aired from 2001 to 2009. Their second single album is called „Some & Love“.

1) Gaga was a former member

Gaga was often confused with Lady Gaga, the American singer

They have two former members called Yeolmae and Gaga. They left before their debut. Gaga was often confused with Lady Gaga, the American singer. Gaga wanted to focus more on her studies in China, sadly, she was the only member fluent in English. 

2) Emotional break

Nature photo album 2021

On July 10, 2019, they released their first mini album „ I’m So Pretty“. Following that, no one heard anything else around Nature. n.CH Entertainment later confirmed that the group would make their comeback in November with their second mini album „Nature World: Code A“. In 2020, they signed with Pony Canyon and made their Japan debut with a Japanese version of „I’m so pretty“ and released their third mini album „Nature World: Code M“ in June. Loha and Aurora unfortunately weren’t able to participate. Sunshine couldn’t perform on stage thanks to a leg injury.

3) Controversial music video

Nature music video

Their most successful song „Girls“ was inappropriate to be aired on TV due to the violence and explicit content. The music channel Mnet announced in June 2020 that it was no longer welcome. The scenes included girls stabbing dolls with scissors and singing next to a pool with blood. The video was then modified and Girls released a censored version on June 17 which quickly surpassed 1 million views within an hour, topping the „Most viewed K-Pop Music Video“ on YouTube at that time.

Extra fact: 

'Nature' music video portrait

„Girls“ is based on the movie „ A Tale of Two Sisters“ and tells the story of a girl with multiple personalities as portrayed by Chaebin while the other members play her other personalities that made for an uncanny and brutal concept for a music video. The video includes scenes where the girls dance in bloody white dresses, stab dolls and get violent with axes, scissors and needles, so spoiler warning: It gets spooky! Once you’ve seen the music video, you’ll know what I mean. 

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