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3 surprising facts about V from BTS!

The 25-year-old idol is famous for his gorgeous visuals and low-pitched voice. Due to his kind nature, fans love him so dearly and know almost everything about him. However, few facts about the BTS idol prove that he is one of the most precious human beings on this Earth! And surprisingly, nobody knows about them. Scroll down to discover them!

  • The Dynamite singer is an animal lover and has 3 pet dogs named, Soonshim, Ssyongssyong, and Yeontan.
  • He is the eldest in his family with two younger siblings, a sister and a brother.
  • Among all the BTS members, V has the most number of fangirls
BTS V looking handsome in his mint hair

V is a lefthanded

BTS V on stage

Taehyung is a left-handed person. In the whole world, only around 10% of people are left-handed. This number further decreases in South Korea and only 2% of the children born in the country are naturally left-handed

BTS V rocking his flashy shirt

He also knows how to write with his right hand and hence is ambidextrous. It makes Taehyung among the 1% population living in South Korea, proving how unique and precious he is!

V's blood group:

BTS V with pet dog Yeontan

BTS V's blood group is AB positive. People with this blood type can receive blood from any other blood group. Only about 4% population of the whole world has this blood type which shows that how dear our Taehyung is!

V's birthday:

BTS V posing for the camera

V was born on December 30th, 1995. Research conducted in the United States proves that in December, the least number of children are born in South Korea. South Korean age system is different from the international aging: children are considered one-year-old when they are born. And every January 1st, their age is increased by one.

BTS V looking like a model

So when Taehyung was born on December 30th, he was considered a one-year-old just like other South Koreans, but after two days of his birth January 1st came, and he turned two. This way Taehyung got two years old just after two days of coming into this world. Isn't it adorable? This fact confirms that our Taehyung is one of the most special human beings to exist on this planet!

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and check out V being absolutely adorable!


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