Yeri from Red Velvet poses for the camera

3 surprising facts about Red Velvet's Yeri's love life

The 22-year-old K-pop singer is currently single and is new to the dating game. There have been several rumors of her and Taeyong from NCT, but she gave no official statement. Scroll down to find more about the iconic singer’s previous love life!

  • Unlike many other celebrities, Yeri likes to keep her love life private.
  • Yeri is a Pisces. This sign is most romantically compatible with two water signs, Cancer and Scorpio.
  • She became an official member of Red Velvet in March 2015 after having performed in Red Velvet’s debut song “Happiness”.

1) Taeyong 

Yeri and Taeyong holding the same smiley cupcake

Taeyong is a Korean rapper, singer, dancer, and songwriter from the boy band, NCT. Fans have found out crazy information that shows that the two icons are in a relationship. At the SMTOWN Halloween party in 2017, Taeyong took a selfie kissing a smiley cupcake in his hand. Yeri had also posed for a camera with a friend, holding a smiley cupcake in her hand. Do you think there is a hidden secret behind this cupcake? Well, we do.

Fans also reported that the two went swimming together after the SMTOWN workshop in Hawaii. Do you think they are really a thing, or are we just shipping them too hard?

2) Jo In Sung

Jo In Sung posing for the camera

Yeri has been open about her crushes and ideal types. In various different interviews, she said that the most perfect type of actor for her is the South Korean Actor:  Jo In Sung. She has watched all his interviews and thinks he is incredibly handsome.

I love Jo In Sung. Since I was younger, I’ve watched everything he was in.

What are your opinions on the diva’s ideal type of boyfriend? 

Yeri has ever opened up about her past relationships in any interview. Her only famous scandal was with Taeyong from NCT, but she gave no official report about it. Scroll down to search more about the love life of other K-POP celebrities!


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