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3 surprising facts about GOT7 members

Did you know Mark has Irish ancestry due to which he has a red tint in his hair? All 7 members of the band have a number of secrets that hardly anyone knows about! They are not as open as they seem to be. Don't worry, we got you covered and made a list of their most important facts! Scroll down to check them out!    

  • GOT7 separated from their managers, JYP Entertainment in January 2021.
  • Their debut song was  'Girls Girls Girls' on January 14th, 2014.
  • MONSTA X’s Shownu was intended to debut with GOT7, but he left JYP entertainment before having the chance to do it. 
  • Yugyeom just launched his new music video 'All Your Fault' and got the support of his fans and colleagues like Jungkook from BTS. 

1) They inspired Twitter:

GOT7 in sky blue

Jack Dorsey, Twitter's CEO is a huge GOT7 fan. He has given the band multiple shout-outs from time to time and even invited them for a Twitter Blue Room Interview in 2019. This is something most people are aware of. However, the interesting bit is that Bambam and Youngjae, two members of the band are the inspiration behind two major Twitter updates, dark mode, and chat rooms.

Bambam posing for the camera

You all must know about the Twitter dark mode. While talking to Jack, the band's rapper, Bambam suggested that the app should have a black dark mode. In 2016, they had a dark mode that got negative reviews.10 days after this discussion between him and Dorsey, Twitter introduced a black dark mode called 'Lights Out'. We can't thank Bambam enough for this suggestion because we absolutely love this feature. And you?

Youngjae in white

The inspiration behind Twitter's chat rooms called 'Spaces' is none other than Youngjae! He proposed that separate spaces should be available for the fans to talk to their idols. They launched it in 2021 where fan-artist communication can get smoother, better, and more convenient. Aren't you loving this update? Because we are for sure!

2) Bambam owns a restaurant

The 24-year-old member is not only a famous K-pop idol but also a successful businessman. Back in 2018, he appeared on Knowing Bros with the band members and revealed that he runs a Korean food chain with his mother in his home country, Thailand.

Youngjae in red

The restaurant had 50 franchises at different locations and this number has now increased up to 80. Apart from this, the Korean star has another café in Bangkok, named 'B’Chill café. Well, Bambam's business game is definitely up to the mark! He knows how to steal fans' hearts and at the same time is aware of how to run a successful business! 

3) Jay B lost his memory:

Jay B performing on stage

The band's singer once suffered a severe head injury in his high school due to which he lost his memory.  He was practicing a dance form called 'b-boying' that has a number of trick moves. Due to a wrong move, he landed on his head instead of his hand and passed out.

Jay B talking to the fans

He couldn't recall how he got injured which made him realize that something was wrong. While coming back to his house, he forgot the PIN code and couldn't enter his house. He couldn't even remember his friends' names as he went to school.

Jay B with a big smile

Fortunately, after some time he started recognizing one of his friends, and ultimately his complete memory came back. It's a relief that it didn't last forever, and we can see Jay B healthy and happy on stage!

GOT7 on shoot

While discussing it, he said that if he ever loses his memory, he would like to remember GOT7's trainee days with the members. This is just so sweet. Are you all crying? Because we, surely are!

GOT7 at the red carpet

Which GOT7 fact made you surprised the most? Let us know in the comments below!


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