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3 strict rules female K-pop idols have to follow!

Do you also idolize K-pop artists and aspire to be like them? Well, think again! Behind all the glitz and glamour are the blood, sweat, and tears of these celebrities. Being a K-pop idol is hard, but being a female idol is harder. Keep reading to find out the challenges girls have to face in the K-pop industry!

  • K-pop is the largest and the most influential industry in South Korea. It is worth a whopping $5 billion to the country’s economy.
  • Over the last decade, the industry has propelled and become a global phenomenon. K-pop groups like BTS and Blackpink are considered to be the biggest bands in the world.
  • However, the platform is criticized for making idols follow a strict set of rules, especially females.


Female idols shivering on stage

Most K-pop award shows are held at the end of the year, scattered from November to January. It is the coldest time of the year with the temperature dropping to minus level. However, regardless of the weather, the female idols are made to wear short, revealing clothes. They need to wear short and revealing outfits, specially while performing on stage.

Although the girls look stunning while performing on stage, their lovely outfits fail to keep them warm. Girl groups can be seen huddling together to protect themselves from the cold at these events. Watch the video of the 'Red Velvet' girls shivering while wearing mini skirts on stage here.

High heels

K-pop idols dancing on stage

Performing in high heels is very common among female K-pop idols. With their working intensity, wearing heels every day is inevitable for them. It may make the girls look beautiful but this fashion comes at a terrible price.

Hani from the band 'EXID' revealed in an interview that she has ingrown toenails due to wearing them regularly. We believe that the artist’s health should be their top priority and not their appearances. If the health of the idols is ignored like this how soon will they collapse?


Red Velvet's Wendy before and after losing weight

Female artists have to face a lot of pressure from their companies and the public in terms of weight. In their contract, they have established weights that if they fail to maintain, they might lose their job. In order to maintain their body, the girls have to stick to very strict diets. The 27-year-old singer IU once revealed her everyday diet which shocked the fans. It consisted of an apple for breakfast, 2 sweet potatoes for lunch, and a protein shake for dinner. We wonder how these girls keep up with their hectic schedules with a diet like this?

Blackpink girls at coachella

These rules are not just harmful to their physical but also their mental health. However, these idols always smile through the pain and never fail to entertain their fans. So, is your dream to be a K-pop idol still intact? Let us know your views in the comments below! 

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