3 strange habits of BTS singer 'V' that his fans love!

The 5'10" singer, like every human, has some habits.  These habits are adorable and surprising at the same time. He has many habits, but we chose 3 of the most important ones. Are you looking for what these habits are? Read below to find out!

V in Boy with Luv

V is known for his boxy smile and poker face. Contrasting right? No wonder he is known as the king of duality. Here are some of his adorable yet surprising habits you must know at all costs.

1. V cannot sleep without hugging something

V hugging a pillow while asleep

The 24-year-old member is still used to hugging a pillow when he sleeps. Don't think that's enough to be called a habit? He hugged a pillow while sleeping on the flight! He often hugs fellow members or a squishy pillow when he goes to sleep. That is such an adorable habit. He is still a child at heart.

These members were separated from their families at a young age to pursue their dreams. Do you also have this habit?

2. Spicy food

It must come as a surprise, but V does not eat a lot of spice. Coming from the land of Kimchi, V still hasn't acquired the taste of his country. Jimin often says to keep the spice level low for V to enjoy a meal. How caring of him!  

3. The bitter relationship between V and Coffee


V drinking coffee

While we're still on the topic of food. Taehyung does not drink coffee either. It's a staple around the world. Koreans consume much more coffee than the rest of the world. They have coffee shops on every corner. Our V still hasn't been able to enjoy the bitter taste of the coffee.

He still has the taste buds of a child. Do you like a cup of bitter coffee, or do you prefer something sweet? 

Watch this fan compiled video of some more of his habits below! 

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