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3 shocking reasons why some people hate Super Junior

When you hear the name, you may think of a new K-Pop band with relatively younger talent because that’s what it sounds like, right? But in reality, Super Junior is an old band, formed way before the K-pop fever around the globe began. Although the band is still functional, they have a smaller fandom compared to the competitors. We have listed down 3 reasons that keep K-Pop fans from liking this group.  

  • Super Junior is a Korean band formed in 2005 under SM Entertainment. 
  • Fans also call it SuJu or SJ.
  • The group had 13 members in the beginning, however, it split into subgroups eventually. Currently, the group has 9 active members named Leeteuk, Kim Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk,  Choi Siwon, Lee Donghae, Kim Ryeowook, and Chon Kyuhyun. Find out more details here

1. For being old

Super Junior at the 4th Gaon chart K-Pop awards

Well, though it's somewhat true because all the boys are in their 30s, but does it mean they are any less talented? Of course not, they have been one of the pioneers of the Korean wave and had a massive following for their amazing singing skills in their peak time back in 2005. Though it wasn’t international, a huge number of Koreans had a liking for the group. Now that bands like BTS, and Seventeen are taking over the world, it seems like the K-Pop fandom has made age an excuse to dislike them. Is that a red flag for the ever-famous BTS boys, who are growing old as well? It shouldn’t be though because age is merely just a number!

2. For not being famous

Super Junior boys pose for a photo

Another absurd reason the public gives hate to the band is that they are not already famous. Well, who’s going to make them famous if not the public? But here’s another thing which is more of a reason people hate them for. Though not as famous as many other bands, Super Junior still brings in money for their head agency, SM Entertainment, therefore they keep bringing them back and make efforts to make them even the tiniest bit as famous as BTS or Seventeen. This agonizes people who think it’s unfair with those SM didn’t let come back. 

3. For not apologizing

Album cover of Super Junior's song Rennaisance

I think every group or star eventually falls into decline if they don’t speak the right things. The only savior in this situation is a sincere apology. For SuJu’s, people think they often come up with problematic statements and don’t even feel sorry about that, let alone apologize. This makes people dislike them. However, in my opinion, fans are somewhat biased in this regard. Since they are always rooting for reasons to hate this band, they often ignore their apology as well. 

To conclude that, I think they produce great music, and they always had. Masterpieces like Sorry, Sorry, and Mamacita are always cherished. People should also see them beyond their age and appearance because art has no boundaries!

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