Blackpink performing on stage Blackpink performing on stage

3 shocking reasons why some people hate Blackpink

When you reach the point of stardom, there are numerous people who don't want you to succeed. Check out some of the weirdest reasons why people hate the K-Pop band, below. 

  • Blackpink came into existence in 2016. Since then the Korean band has released many songs and been on the Billboard Hot 100 lists almost every time.
  • The official Blackpink Instagram account has 39 million followers as we speak. 
  • A year after forming the group, the girl band shot to prominence. They also featured Lady Gaga on a song called 'Sour Candy' and Selena Gomez on 'Icecream' in 2020.

1. Early success

Blackpink members performing on stage

Well, we are all familiar with the fact that success comes the hard way. But with consistency, hard work, and resilience the girl band has achieved triumphs in a short time. However, people find it hard to accept the fact and rather criticize them for gaining stardom so quickly. In their opinion, it’s unfair that the band attained attention so quickly while many other artists have to go through many obstacles to be where they are right now.

Rose, Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa performing

However, the path to success is different for everyone, for one it might take years while for others it may not take as long. Luck also plays a big role here, so it’s pointless to criticize. Needless to say, the girls have put efforts day in and day out to make their band a success. 

2. Their flawless appearance

Lisa and Rose share the stage

There are many people who think the girls are made up and do not present themselves as they really are. It is known that K-pop groups are often formed based on trends and what the audience wants, so they are expected to act all princessy and flawless.

3. Jisoo's health

Jisoo at a Cartier event

Jisoo'health has always been a target of bullies and body shamers, being one of the oldest in the group and probably the fattest. But we appreciate her not taking it personally. Read more about her story of resilience against body shaming here.

The band girls pay no heed to haters!

In spite of all this hate, based mostly on pointless reasons, the band has only become more successful. They didn't let people's negative opinions bring them down, and there's much to learn from them for people like us who get emotional over the daily hatred.

Watch how Blackpink manages to become the most successful band of 2021 despite the dislike they face!

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