Stray kids at the fact music awards Stray kids at the fact music awards

3 reasons why you should listen to Stray Kids right now!

Did you know that Stray Kids has won 25 awards including the 'Best Male Artist' at the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards? With their music being experimental and the members being super dedicated and hardworking, it’s no surprise. So what sets their music apart from the other K-pop groups? Read below to find out!

  • Stray Kids’ songs from the hit TV show 'Kingdom: Legendary War' tops Billboard global charts in 2021.
  • JYP has announced new music coming from Stray Kids in 2021.
  • They’re called ‘Stray Kids’ to show how they are breaking the mold when it comes to music.

1) Their songs have powerful messages

Stray Kids posing for a photoshoot.


While most groups sing love songs or songs about heartbreak, Stray Kids sing about various topics. They sing about personal struggles we’re all familiar with such as self-esteem, mental health, motivation, etc. One of my favorite songs is ‘My pace,’ which tells you it’s okay to make mistakes and to not compare yourself with others. The video is also so heartwarming and motivating! 


‘Side effects’ is about experiencing anxiety and doubts and portrays it through the song’s lyrics, procession, and choreography.


2) Their concepts are fun and unique.

The boys posing for the photoshoot of 'God's Menu.'

Before I go any further, let me share my favorite stray kids' song to date:

I love everything about this song. From its composition to its lyrics, the chef and food imagery, how it carries through in the music video, the choreography, it’s just perfect. Another thing I love about the song’s lyrics is how chefs experiment with flavors to satisfy their customers. This applies to the hard work and experimentation by Stray Kids to please their fans. Moving on from my geeking out of ‘god’s menu,’ let us move on to another iconic song of theirs:

MIROH was the first song by stray kids I listened to, and I instantly fell in love with them. The song is about overcoming hard times and difficulties and its music video has themes of revolutions and taking risks. Their music is based on fresh, distinctive concepts, and we love that!

3) They play a significant role in their song’s production and writing

Changbin and Lee Know posing for a photo together

Most K-pop groups cannot write and produce songs on their own due to their label constraints. So Stray Kids stray from that common occurrence (pun intended) and express their individuality by writing and producing songs by themselves. The boys continue to amaze us with their many talents and dedication!
What do you like about Stray Kids’ music? Let us know in the comments!

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