3 reasons why people love ITZY

The newest girl band is setting the internet on fire with their incredible talent. People love seeing them, though they are still not as consistent as many other bands, but they managed to impact millions around the world. Scroll down to read what people love the most about this group!  

  • ITZY is a South Korean girls band formed by JYP Entertainment in February 2019.
  • It has total 5 members, Ryujin, Shin Yu-na, Yeji, Lia, Chaeryeong.
  • Their fandom is called Midzy which is a Korean word meaning Trust or to believe in someone.
  • They have 5.84 million subscribers on YouTube

They support each other

ITZY girls

One thing people appreciate about the girls the most is their support towards each other. Midzy's think they have the cutest bond of respect and friendship among them. No hate or superiority over the other.

Incredible choreography

No doubt, k pop has given the world some of the greatest dancers. ITZY has also made its impact in the world in such a short time with its killer performance beside incredible music. A fan once commented,

Maybe ITZY's performances are bone breaking, but they always nailed them

Amazing music videos


Despite having a very few music videos released, ITZY has us hooked to their screen presence. The storyline and aesthetic of their videos is always unique.
We wish to see more of their talent through their music videos. Tell us in the comment section, what do you love about this band?

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