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3 reasons why Jisoo is the best vocalist in Blackpink!

All Blackpink members are blessed with great vocals, but Jisoo's versatile voice has the perfect balance of deep and husky. She is the reason why 33 million fans stream Blackpink's music on YouTube! What more qualities make her the best vocalist of the band? Watch the video below!

  • The 25-year-old singer debuted under YG Entertainment as the lead vocalist of Blackpink. 
  • During Blackpink's 'In Your Area' concert, she covered 'Clarity' by Zedd. Her powerful vocals went viral for 7 months in 2019!  
  •  While singing live, Jisoo has the most stable voice in the group. 
  •  Her favorite genre of music is ballads. She even covered a Japanese track called 'Yuki No Hana'.

1.  She has a unique vocal tone

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Jisoo's unique vocal tone has won the hearts of fans all around the world. While the other girls in the band have high-pitched voices, her tone is much lower! Blackpink's fans can't get enough of how raspy she sounds in 'Whistle'. Are you a fan of her alluring voice? 

The global star has a vocal range starting from C#3 and going till F6! No wonder, she was able to smash the cover of 'Clarity' without a backing track. It is a very difficult song to perform live. Even Zedd, the original artist, complimented her in a tweet! 

2. A voice that suits all genres

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Jisoo's voice greatly suits genres such as R&B and ballads! Blackpink's 'As If It's Your Last' proves that the woman can sing bubblegum pop too. Their versatile discography makes her shine the most. Great vocals and dancing skills, she has it all! Don't you agree? 

3. She is excellent at harmonizing

Jisoo during a performance

'Jisoo is the best at harmonizing in our group', fellow member Jennie explained on the show 'Weekly Idol'. 

Her voice makes up most of the 'hidden vocals' in Blackpink. The K-pop star's melodious voice is the foundation of every track. Without her, their music would feel like a concert without the crowd cheering! This is why her fans call her the 'backbone' of the group. Isn't she simply the best? 


After listening to Blackpink's songs, I agree Jisoo stands out the most in the band. Her voice is truly magical. Do you think Jisoo should be promoted to being the main vocalist? Let us know in the comments below!

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