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3 reasons why Jimin from BTS is called an 'Angel'

Jimin loves giving back! He has earned the nickname 'Angel' because of his caring thoughts and actions towards others. The 25-year-old singer has been credited for donations made for education, raising a voice for children, and caring for animals. Curious to find why fans started calling him an angel? Read along for the answer!

  • With a net worth of $20 million, Jimin has donated to his old High School called Busan Arts High School.
  • The 5' 8" tall singer has the ENFP personality type. Such people are usually enthusiastic, charismatic, and creative. 
  • Jimin celebrates his birthday on October 15. He is the member who started the tradition of gift-giving in BTS. 

1. Donating for education

Jimin in uniform for an advertisement

Uniforms in South Korea are very costly. Their price is around $1000, which is insanely expensive! Jimin paid for the school uniforms of the graduating batch from his elementary school, Hoedong Elementary School. The angelic singer donated $88000 to the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education. $26000 of this donation was for his old high school.

In 2020, the generous singer donated 1200 desks at his old high school, Busan Arts High School. Jimin is rightfully called an angel for his caring actions. He loves to donate to education institutes because he knows the importance of education in our lives!

2. Caring for animals

Jimin with the cat that fell in love with him

We all know BTS members love pets! Did you know Jimin loves animals a little too much? He once spotted a bird without a leg and immediately tried to help the little bird. Jimin also adores cats! He will immediately get distracted if he finds a cat running around. Isn't that cute?

Jimin shot a scene with a cat in his song 'Serendipity' to show his love for cats. You can watch the song here.

3. Caring for people

Jimin hugging a crying Jungkook

Jimin has always been the caring and loving member of BTS. He looks after his members and cares for the people around him. Our angel is the first one to console his bandmates when something is bothering them at concerts. Remember when he hugged Jungkook when he was sad that he made a mistake while performing?

He was also worried about Taehyung when he cried after the concert in Paris for 'Speak Yourself World Tour'. His expression showed how worried he was. Our Mochi likes to give his members lots of hugs. Jimin also participated in the campaign to pay homage to the girl who passed away due to her adoptive parents' mistreatment. You can read all about it here.

Look out for the cat featured in Jimin's song 'Serendipity' below!

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