BTS hugging each other and smiling. BTS hugging each other and smiling.

3 reasons why BTS loves the ARMY

BTS has one of the most dedicated fan bases in the history of music. There are over 40 million people in the world who call themselves the ARMY. BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook also love their fans, and we are going to show you exactly how they do that. Find out more, below!

  • BTS has expressed how much they appreciate their fans many times in interviews and award shows, such as the BBMAs.
  • The boys try to communicate with their fans as much as possible during performances.
  • They want to work even harder to live up to their fans' expectations.
BTS photo album for FESTA 2021

1) Because they are deeply connected with them

During the BBMA's in 2020, BTS gave a special speech for their fanbase, ARMY. They said they adore their fans because of their "passion and unconditional love". RM, the group leader, mentioned the BTS army in a special way:

"This award is a living proof that no matter where we are, ARMY and BTS are always connected!"

The seven boys also encouraged their fans to keep being themselves because that's what they admire them for. Clearly, ARMY's dedication is paying off.

2) Because fans motivate them to do their best

Jimin once said he makes a lot of effort to let fans know that he loves them more than they love him. He tries his best to give them his attention. In an interview, Jungkook once said he really wants to reply to each letter he receives but he's too shy to do it. He's such a sweetheart! V spoke on behalf of all seven members when he said they would all work hard to make their fans proud. Little does he know, his fans are already really proud of him and will be by his side unconditionally.

3) Because they are beautiful

The relationship between the boys and their fans is deeper than it seems. BTS wants their supporters to be confident in their own skin. You have to love yourself first before you can truly love others. During concerts, the seven members encourage their fans to collectively shout

"you can't stop me loving myself!"

J-Hope once had ARMY respond with "love myself" after he said "love yourself". These boys are so humble and kind despite all their success.

Clearly, BTS is more heads over heels for their fans than we can imagine. However, this only applies to their true fans. Sasaeng and "solo stans" do not count. Check out why are K-Pop fans so loyal, in the video below. 


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