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3 random facts about Blackpink no one has ever told you about

No matter how much you know a band, still there are a few intriguing things that a lot of you might have missed, but don't worry, we have got your back. Let's jump into it and see some very interesting and jaw dropping facts about the K-Pop idols Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo.  

  • Blackpink was created in 2016 by YG Entertainment.
  • They have ranked first on Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40 list in 2019, third in 2020, and second in 2021. 
  • They are also labeled as biggest girl group in the world, the biggest K-pop girl band on the planet, and K-pop Queens.

1. They help Korean economy


Each member of the group is worth 10 million dollars, and the accumulative group worth is around  $154.22 million. These accomplished divas are ambassadors of multiple brands, including Chanel and Dolce Gabbana. According to sources, their YouTube channel with 63.6 million subscribers generates $600,000 per month. Blackpink’s impressive net worth is a valuable addition to the country’s economy, generating thousands of jobs and paying millions in taxes.

2. Multilingual

Blackpink girls performing

All four members of the group can at least speak more than one language. This is because of the different backgrounds they come from. Korean born star Jennie can speak English and Korean language fluently as she has lived in New Zealand till 10 years of age. Rose was born in New Zealand to an immigrant family, grew up speaking Korean and English. Jisoo is the only member not fluent in American native language, but can speak Chinese, Japanese and Korean fluently. Lisa being a Thailand born can speak English, Japanese and learned Korean after moving to South Korea for the sake of her career.  Read more about which idols can speak English fluently, here.

3. Strict fitness routine

Blackpink girls flaunting their figure

These K-pop idols put lots of effort to look fit in their frequent TV and stage appearances. Each member follows a certain fitness routine. Jennie practices fly yoga and Pilates religiously to stay in shape. Rose incorporates Pilates in her daily routine. Lisa does not like going on diet, but her busy schedule of dance practices helps her maintain that well-toned figure.  Jisoo eats only small portions and takes choreography sessions daily to stay active and burn extra calories.

Having worldwide fame, being the valuable asset to the state’s economy and making family, fans and people of your country proud in just 6 years of career is surely a reward of hard work these young ladies put in their craft. Keep ruling the K-pop world, queens.

Learn how they became so successful in the video below!

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