Jisoo and V from Blackpink and BTS

3 pictures that prove V and Jisoo's secret relationship!

How cool would it be if two of the members of the world's biggest groups would date? A solidarity between the K-pop king and queen, V and Jisoo. Fans believe there's surely a chance. And these 3 photos prove it. Go and take a look at the video below!

  • Jisoo was born in Sanbon-dong on 3rd January 1995.
  • V was born in Daegu on 30th December 1995.
  • Both have songwriting credits on albums released by their groups.
  • BTS V has a net worth of $20 million while Jisoo has $8 million.
Fans are a hundred percent sure that they have caught Jisoo and V red-handed! These claims are not baseless but have been gathered over a period of time. Similar claims were made by fans of Jennie and Kai, who were also announced to be dating before. 
Jisoo and V

Hmm, do you see a pattern? I sure do!

1) CD matching necklaces

Jisoo and V matching necklaces

The most obvious giveaway of such news is when idols start wearing couple items. Jisoo and V have been caught wearing the same necklace. At first, fans brushed it off as a coincidence. Many artists are affiliated with brands, but this seems way too suspicious! 

2) Matching Burberry shirt

Jisoo and V matching Burberry shirts

Another instance arose when the two were wearing similar Burberry shirts. Great minds really do think alike. The fans decided to laugh it off as another coincidence, but it started to seem a little fishy.

Don't you think so?

3) Matching Bracelets

Jisoo and V matching bracelets

When more pictures dropped of the two wearing the same bracelet fans decide to grow hopeful. OH MY GOD! 'VSoo' is real. The two were also seen wearing the same Cartier watches too. It was about time things started making sense. I think they make a great duo, do you?


Dating is not something the Korean music industry supports as they push the narrative of 'romantic availability' on idols. They can't be open about it so these small gestures of affection are all that they have. It's a little sad if you imagine dating like that.

Do you think these little moments are something more? Could fans ever be sure? Let us know your views.

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