Suga smiling in 2021 Suga smiling in 2021

The 3 nicknames of BTS member Suga

BTS fans, the Army, are more than creative when choosing nicknames for their K-pop idols. We really think that Suga got lucky! Interested in knowing his original nicknames? Scroll down to find out! 

  • Suga has a net worth of $25 million as of 2021.
  • Thanks to his producing skills, other BTS members like RM and Jungkook call him Min PD.
  • He goes also by the name- Agust D.

1) Motionless Min

Suga taking a nap in the middle of a tour!

He earned his nickname thanks to his sleeping habits. The K-pop artist sleeps whenever he gets a chance and hardly skips a nap. Suga values his resting period so much that his bandmates are scared of waking him up.  

2) 'Jjang-jjang-man-bboong-bboong'

Suga producing music for BTS

This Korean phrase translates to, 'awesome guy'. This is Suga's sneaky way of calling himself a genius. He spends countless hours in his studio creating amazing content. The music he writes and produces proves that the name suits him well. 

3) Gloss

Suga glows different while smiling!

What an unusual name! This one originated from Min's past. Before he signed a contract with Big Hit Entertainment, Suga worked as a producer for D-Town. Shocking? I don't think so! Gloss has a similar meaning to his Korean name, Yoongi. The name sets well on him because of his glowing skin and lovely personality. Keeping in mind Min PD's charismatic attitude, what other nicknames can you think? Leave your comments below! 

Check out this cute video of how Suga went from pizza delivery boy to multimillionaire singer:

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