Jungkook from BTS

3 cute habits of Jungkook nobody is aware of!

The 5'10" tall idol from BTS has a lot of mysterious habits which he tries to hide. But sometimes, he ends up showing snippets of them on-screen. From his sleeping position to his sitting posture, we have jotted down his top three hidden yet cute habits. Scroll down to check them out!

  • Jungkook has more than 13 tattoos on his right arm which he hasn't completely revealed yet. 
  • The lead vocalist of the band is of the same age as Lisa from Blackpink who is also the youngest member of her group.
  • At the young age of 23 years, he has earned a net worth of $20 million.

The youngest member of the biggest boy band has a number of weird yet lovable habits. With a delightful bunny smile, whatever he does, we find it absolutely charming. So, let's take a look them!

1- Giving neck massages:

Jungkook being giggly

The Still With You singer has this cute habit of giving neck and shoulder massages to the band members. Whichever member is in the range of him, he doesn't let the opportunity to massage the neck of that member go. Doesn't he look the most adorable while doing this?

2- Straight sleeping position:

Jungkook, the cutest

Many people have the habit of sleeping on their right side or folding their legs, but the K-star has a different position. He sleeps in a straight position, facing the ceiling. We find it a little weird as it seems like a very uncomfortable way of sleeping, but we know that Jungkook is a little unique, *chuckles*.

3- Loving eyes:

Jungkook's big cute eyes

BTS star is famous for his big pretty eyes. He once revealed that he used to hide his eyes in high school because people used to compliment them a lot. Well, who cannot find them pretty?

BTS Jungkook on screen

But his eyes become 1000 times more attractive when he looks at the members. He listens to his elder members quietly by staring at them with big adorable eyes. Undoubtedly, this boy is so endearing! 

Which mysterious habit of Jungkook do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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