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3 mysterious facts about Jimin from BTS

Despite sharing everything with the fans, the 25-year-old singer from BTS has a number of secret facts about which nobody is aware. Only members know about them since they live together. From his angry side to trainee days experiences, we have jotted down everything. Want to take a look at them? Then scroll down to find out!  

  • Jimin's dad did not want him to debut as an idol because he thought it would be difficult for him.
  • He is the most caring person among all the members of the band.
  • Unlike his bandmates, the Filter singer does not own any apartment despite having a net worth of $20 million.
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1-Work Ethic:

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Everyone knows that the members of BTS are extremely professional. They have an amazing sense of work ethic but when it comes to Jimin, they say that he is the most hardworking. Jimin once revealed that during his trainee days he used to practice all day with a sleep of only 2 hours.

I would practice until about 4 AM and wake up around 6:30 to go to school. It wasn’t hard for me back then.

It's inspirational that despite working so hard he did not feel burdened.

Jimin at an event

While talking about the 5'8" tall artist, band member, Jungkook said,

According to my standards, Jimin hyung (brother) is the most strict and hard-working on himself.

At another talk, Jin also praised Jimin's dedication and said that he inspires him. 
We definitely need an inspiration like him to succeed in our life.

2-Jimin's scary side:

Jimin at the red carpet

Jimin always appears to be happy and soft, but the members revealed something different about him. They say that he has another side and that is his angry side in which he turns so scary that even elder members of the band get alarmed

Jimin on stage

Once J-Hope accidentally left chewed gum somewhere and Jimin put his phone over it. He got so mad at it that J-Hope got scared and didn't admit his mistake. Later at an event, J-Hope told him about it and said that he was too scared to confess it before.

Well…I confess to you now… in that moment I couldn’t tell you that it was me because you were swearing so much about how mad you were. I couldn’t bring myself to confess with my own mouth that I was the one that put the gum there.

Jimin performing on stage

Well, who though such a soft and caring person could be this scary. But it's good that they understand each other and not throw unnecessary tantrums over each other!

3-Jimin almost quitted BTS:

Jimin posing for the camera

During the trainee days, the Dynamite singer used to feel insecure about himself. He didn't know what position he would take in the band. Due to this, he often used to hear that he is in danger. 

I almost failed to join the team because I wasn’t a good dancer.

During his school life he learned contemporary dance but due to its difference from the idol dance, he felt that he couldn't survive in the industry.

I majored in contemporary dance. Since the style of dancing was totally different from the choreography of an idol group, it became a difficult challenge for me.

Jimin talking to the fans

But his continuous efforts bore fruit, and today he is the top dancer and singer in the entire world. You are a true inspiration, Jimin. We wish that you always fly high and continue to surprise us with your amazing talents!
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