3 most nerve-wracking moments of BTS

No one is so brave not to have a phobia, and especially when someone’s in the spotlight like the Bangtan Boys, the fears reach another level. BTS members make us feel easy as they have gone through situations that freaked them out. Luckily they were caught on camera most of the time, which gives us a sense of relief that facing fear is a normal thing! Scroll down to have a light moment reading the scary yet hilarious stories of these K-Pop singers  

  • A lot of the terrifying moments were captured on camera during the reality show BTS Run where the singers did safe stunts. 
  • All the members have at least one fear that we can all relate to.
  • Jin is known as the scaredy-cat of the band.

1) J-Hope had a shoot with a snake

Hoseok certainly didn't like his encounter with the boa

Let’s be honest; no one ever appreciates a snake! About holding a snake? No ways!!! And we believe that J-Hope’s reaction would have been similar when he heard of the job. But you know you can’t deny it when it comes to working. Being the professional he is, J-Hope had to do a shoot with a boa, one of the world’s largest snake breeds. It was definitely not the best time of his life since it was long cleared to the world that snakes make him freak out! But we are glad Hoseok came out of the situation safe and sound.

2) Kim Taehyung’s hilarious moment on the Bungee Jumping

Taehyung had the scariest moment jumping off the height

Well, not a lot of us are a fan of heights. Not me, at least so I understand V a little deeper. How it feels like to have your feet above the ground. It’s certainly not pleasing to leap even if you’re tied to a thousand ropes at the moment. However, we feel immensely proud of Tae, who is continually making efforts not to let his fears overpower him. Once Tae, like most other people, was terrified when he was challenged to plunge off the bungee jumping on their popular show BTS Run. When it came to V, he looked petrified; however, he did it! 

3) Suga’s confidence saved him when fireworks went off

Suga reciprocated extreme cool behaviour after fireworks burst near his face

When you fall in public and to cover it up, you get up and act as if nothing happened, so the least number of people notice, and you’re not as embarrassed as you would be otherwise. Suga did something similar, but he couldn’t be saved from the camera eye lol! Once while performing on stage, fireworks burst right into the band members’ faces, which clearly scared the shit out of all of them! But for a mere second, it felt like Yoongi has been in such situations before as he pretended like nothing had happened though we are sure his heart must be pounding, but kudos to how he acted so cool!

Which was your favorite moment from the singers’ lives? If you enjoyed reading these moments from the life of BTS members, do let us know in the comments, so we can come up with some more in the coming days!

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