3 most interesting facts about the K-Pop rapper, Suga

The 27 years old Korean singer gained fame shortly after he joined the world-famous band BTS. His contributions are not just confined to the boy band. He’s a great rapper, songwriter, and record producer who has independently released many albums that were a big hit. Scroll down to know some exciting things about your favorite K-Pop singer!  

  • Min Yoon-gi, professionally known as Suga, was born on March 9th, 1993.
  • The songwriter has also composed songs for other singers like Suran and Lee So-ra.
  • The 5ft 8in tall singer has a net worth of 20 million dollars.
  • There are many things about the singer that are unknown, so let's dive into it without any further ado!

His career before joining BTS

Min Yoon-gi was an underground artist before joining BTS

The boy band BTS came into existence in 2013, so you must be thinking where was Suga before that, right? Well, the singer has always been into music, and before joining the life-changing band, Yoon-Gi was underground, or you can say an independent rapper. He composed the music and performed it as a solo artist in his hometown, Daegu in South Korea.

He has multiple stage names!

Even someone as ordinary as myself has ten nicknames given to me by my friends and family, so it’s no wonder that the famous K-Pop idol has multiple stage names. Before he joined BTS, his stage name was Gloss. Then it changed to Agust D after he came up with his mixtape of the same name. The tittle 'Suga' was adopted when he became a part of BTS.

Suga’s inspiring battle with mental health

We love celebrities who are honest about their personal lives and don’t make it look like a piece of cake. The 27-year-old rapper was very candid about his journey while he expressed his struggle with mental health problems in his song '140505 at Dawn.' Min Yoon-gi revealed his fight with social phobia, depression, and obsession.

Did you know these facts about the singer? Well, these are just a few of the things that are hardly out there about the celebrity. If you love it, we might come up with more exciting revelations about him that will blow up your mind!

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